Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I will remember about Cruz's first week as a 'Scooter'

It's a little bittersweet to say, but tomorrow is Cruz's very last day in the 'baby' room at daycare.  Monday, instead of walking him to the room where I first dropped him off when he was just a tiny, 13-week old baby, I will bring him to the 'Scooter' room.  Instead of being the 'big kid,' Cruz will once again become the 'underclassman.'  And while he's more than ready to keep up with the other rambunctious 'Scooters,' it is a little emotional for this mama to take in.  

This week, Cruz transitioned, spending a couple hours in the Scooter Room and gradually increasing his time each day.  It's been fun getting to know the new routines of the room, and been fun to see small changes in my little one when I pick him up every afternoon.

Life as a 'Scooter...'

1.  You come home so dirty!  I was warned by Cruz's lead teacher that I may need to rethink my Baby Gap and invest in a set of 'daycare' clothes for Cruz.  Every day, they spend lots of time outside, lots of time crawling on a playground matted with a black rubber, tire-like material.  So every day, I pick up a little boy with black knees, black feet, and black hands!  Today, when I picked up Cruz, I found him strapped in a stroller with four of his other friends, each of them spotted with dirt!  Brown noses, brown fingertips, and even brown in his fingernails.  They all looked so cute and the girls said they had a great time digging up treasures outside!

2.  You are learning new things!  This week, you learned about important parts of the human body.  You must have worked on your ears and hands, as you've been playing with your ears and clapping your hands like crazy this week.  It's so fun to see the new things you learn how to do.  I just wonder how long before you learn to walk by watching all your friends.

3.  You are eating new things!  Although I still pack a little lunch for you, you are trying new things every day.  It's so fun for me to read what you eat every day.  This morning, you had freshly baked cinnamon rolls and mandarin oranges!  Tomorrow is mac n' cheese and chicken nuggets day.  Although you're not quite ready for a 'hamburger on bun' or 'soft-shell taco,' I'm excited about all the new foods you'll get to try.

4.  You aren't napping!  I'm not sure if it's because you're used to napping in your crib this summer, or that there's just too much going on, but you've decided to forgo your daily naps for the time being.  Today, you napped for a total of 25 minutes.  This is making for a very tired baby at night.  While you are happy to see your mom and dad, you have a hard time keeping those eyes open after 7 o'clock.  I'm hoping you start napping soon because I'd really like to spend more time with you at night!

5.  You are in love with this little plastic rocking horse in the play area outside.  Friday afternoon, after a long week away from you, I couldn't pick you up fast enough.  I pulled up to the parking lot, saw your teachers in the play area, and knew you were out there somewhere.  I scoured the area for your blond head, but all I saw were walking babies.  Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted you.  All by yourself, toward the edge of the play area, just rocking and rocking on this little plastic rocking horse.  He were holding on tight, lazily swaying back and forth, looking off into space in your own little world.  I'm not sure if it was the emotion of being away from you, or the fact that you looked so big on that horse, but I lost it right then and there in the playground.  The entire way home, my rear-view mirror was pointed not at the road behind me, but at this little face in the backseat, the face of my dirt-stained Scooter.    

6.  How excited you are to see me every afternoon when I pick you up.  That big smile and instant crawl to my arms lights up my entire day.  I just can't wait to squeeze you and kiss those cheeks.  We grab your log sheet, pack your bag, and sing in the car...all the way home. 

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