Friday, August 12, 2011

My Boy is Double Digits!

He dances, claps his hands, and waves bye bye.  He smiles all the time and says 'mama,' 'dada,' and 'kitty.'  He eats pizza, mac 'n cheese, and prefers his juice with two ice cubes to make it extra cold.  

He's growing, our boy, and is getting more and more fun every day.

Today, Cruz Man is TEN months old.  In just two months, we will be celebrating a year of having him in our lives, a year that has went incredibly fast, and taught Beau and I more about life and what's important than any year before.  It's surreal to me to think that last year at this time, I was thinking about sub plans, baby nurseries, and casserole freezing, and this year, well...

...I'm thinking about the fact that Cruz is transitioning to the Scooter room at daycare on Monday, which officially means he is not a 'baby' anymore.  He will now be keeping up with the other movers and shakers, eating breakfast around a table together, and learning songs and Bible stories during daily circle time.  I'm not sure who is going to be worse about the whole transition thing.  For some reason, the baby room just seems safe and secure, like a baby Joey in its mama's pouch.  The Scooter room seems a little terrifying, like sending your five year old on a bus the first day of school, or leaving your college freshman in a dorm room with an unfamiliar roommate and unfamiliar smell.  I'm sure it will be far less terrifying in reality, but my crazy train brain likes to worry sometimes...

...I'm also thinking about shoes.  Baby shoes.  Cruz got his first pair of shoes this month, and has worn them for a total of two hours.  He likes them, though, if only I would remember to put them on his adorable little feet.

I have cut the tags off by now...just wanted to make sure they fit ;) 

...I'm thinking about groceries, too.  This month, Cruz's food world has expanded to include a lot more grown-up food.  He still gets three bottles a day, but is far less interested in them than he used to be.  He would much rather suck ice water out of straws from our glass, eat Teddy Grahms, or share a slice of pizza with you.  Although I haven't quite been able to give up my baby purees yet, I am expanding to chunkier, more complex, and more flavorful foods.  Cruz's new favorite food this month would be pasta.  Tiny little pasta stars from the grocery store are perfect for babies.  

Puffs and deli meat.  A perfect combination to hold the hungry one over while I prepare his second course. 

...I'm thinking about anti-slip mats.  Tonight, during his bath, Cruz pulled himself up to standing position.  While this created the perfect chance to wash his tiny little tush, it also made me realize that our days of chasing a mere crawler around the house are numbered.  A month ago, I would have said that Cruz has a long time before he's walking.  Now, he's strong on his feet and getting steadier all the time.  He loves standing by our low living room windows, and I love the baby hand prints sprinkled on the glass.  

...I'm thinking that all too soon, we will be in that stage where we have to watch what we say for fear that our mini-Beau will repeat something meant to stay behind closed doors.  I say this because our little man is quite the imitator.  He's very observant and didn't seem to miss a beat.  This month, Cruz learned to play catch.  If you roll or gently throw a ball to him, he'll kind of flick it out of his hand and wait for your applause.  Yesterday, after Cruz had spent a day at Grandma's, he learned how to smack his lips together and put both hands up to his face and do the 'Home Alone.'  

"Soooooo Big!"

And what we like to call, 'The Praise Singer..."

Earlier this month, I walked in on yet another face-off between Cruz and our cat, Jade, only this time, Cruz was on a mission.  Clenching her cat brush in his hand, Cruz was crawling as fast as he could, eyes on the prize.  When she let him get close, he proceeded to do exactly what he watches his dad do every single night, groom his kitty friend.  Poor Jade tried to be a friend, yet wasn't too sure about Cruz's method of brushing.  She ran away, then watched, as Cruz grunted and crawled, brush in hand.  He really doesn't get rejection.

We have had so much fun with our Cruz Dude this month.  He's the happiest baby, always full of smiles and always game for anything.  We think he has a pretty funny personality, and I'm beginning to see a sense of humor similar to his dad's.  This summer, I will forever remember our chubby legged, blond, bronzing baby boy!  

Happy TEN Months, baby boy!  

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