Monday, February 21, 2011

101 Things...

I came across a blog the other day that created a list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days.  And for a goal-driven, list-maker like myself, I was thrilled to embark on a new challenge!  Beau was instantly apprehensive, as he thinks I already give myself enough to do; however, I reassured him that my list would only include things that would bring me happiness, as well as things that really need to be done anyway.  Call it a realistic Bucket List of sorts. It took me about twenty minutes and dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings to come up with this list, and by the time I was done brainstorming, I had more than 101 things!  This list carries no burden whatsoever, but I promise to track my accomplishments right here.  

Start Date: Sunday, February 20, 2011
End Date: Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cruz will be three years old!

3. Lose some weight
6. Host a cocktail party at our house
7. Get something published
8. See Jack Johnson in concert
9. End every night in prayer
12. Go camping with my boys
14. Take a photography workshop
15. Play in the rain
16. Pay off debt
18. Finish my self-mission statement
19. Organize picture files on my desktop
21. Sponsor a little baby from Mozambique
23. Speak at a national convention for teachers
25. Go on a spontaneous, unplanned weekend getaway with Beau and Cruz
26. Reconnect with a friend I haven’t seen in years
27. Build a sand castle with Cruz
28. Join a small group at church
29. Buy a funky pair of sunglasses
30. Spend an afternoon in the library with Cruz
31. Perfect a pie crust
32. Learn to love running
33. Finish my DIY letters for Cruz’s room
35. Create a new photo wall display
36. Learn to crochet...seriously this time
37. Create my own blog domain
38. Attend a Blogher event
39. Go sledding
41. Flatten my tummy
43. Go on a technology fast for one week
44. Get a Caribbean body wrap at Jiva
45. Have a picnic in Millennium Park
46. Donate blood - after giving birth, I think I could round up the courage to accomplish this!
47. Give up pop for an entire month
48. Drink 32 oz. of water every day for a month
49. Buy a new set of furniture
50. Sort and develop an email inbox system
52. Read the New Testament – start to finish
53. Spend a day doing ‘nothing’
54. Go to a drive-in movie
57. Go on a girl's weekend
58. Buy a little fishing boat
59. Sort and clean out kitchen cabinets
60. Finish the Hunger Games Trilogy
61. Write a new unit for each of my classes
62. Plant some tulips
65. Go apple picking
66. Keep indoor plants alive
67. Buy new towels for the bathroom
68. Attend a marriage retreat with Beau
69. Teach Cruz to take regular naps in his crib
70. Redo the living room
71. Host a tried and true barbecue at our house
72. Get a makeup lesson
73. Buy a funky pair of high heels
74. Learn how to do a side French braid
76. Go to Target Field
77. Go tubing with a group of friends
78. Spend an entire day at the park
79. Roast marshmallows by a fire
80. Beat Beau at a game of Scrabble
81. Get better at sending cards
82. Family pictures
83. Build a piece of furniture to hold our electronics
84. Create a new photo wall display in the living room
85. Plant a tree
86. Visit a state I’ve never been before
87. Learn how to make an Old Bay Shrimp Feast
88. Buy a new watch
89. Stay in our wedding night suite again
90. Go fishing
91. Baby in sink picture
92. Buy a new purse
93. Start a college fund for Cruz
95. Clean the garage
96. Dance until my feet hurt
97. Clean out my closet and donate clothes to Goodwill
98. Go to a flea market
99. Go to garage sale-ing
100. Resurface something from the garage sale or flea market

And because Cruz decided to take a THREE HOUR NAP in his crib this afternoon, I decided to cross #1 off my list!

Hello, (room for) towels!  Now I just have to finish that load of laundry...


  1. I have enjoyed going through and reading some of the blogs you have posted in the past... after reading your 101 list I realized that you need to accomplish #91 soon! Pretty soon Cruz really isn't going to be a "baby" anymore... I can't believe how fast he is growing!

  2. Just read this list and I love it. I would also like to add this on my blog. Great bucket list, I may need to take some of these. BTW love your blog, read it all the time.



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