Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Winter Blues of Spring Break

The first day of Spring is tomorrow, and as of this morning, we have three-inches of fresh snow on the ground.  The winds were blowing through the house tonight, and if I wasn't careful, I'd start to think about pre-Christmas coziness, fires in the fireplace, and mukluks on my feet.  Great feelings, indeed, but the past is the past, and I think I speak for everyone in the Midwest when I say that enough is enough, winter.  Before too long, I fear the three of us might lose our minds to cabin fever.  I usually pride myself at being pretty creative, but I've exhausted all avenues of keeping this toddler busy inside the four walls of this house.  Poor Cruz lags behind me a little bit longer every day we pull into the garage, grabbing sand buckets or golf clubs and attempting to play outside until his hands get cold or his mom drags him in the house.  We're all getting a little restless, and I'm drawing a blank on new ideas to keep this boy busy all week for "Spring" break week.  Ideas, anyone????

Tonight, the three of us celebrated St. Patrick's Day a day late.  Cruz and I cut a green pepper in half and had fun using it as a four-leaf clover stamp.  We made Rice Krispy treats and washed them down with some green milk, and I cooked up a homemade shepherd's pie for dinner.  We toasted the week ahead with mason jars of green beer, and burned off the calories with one heck of a dance party in the living room.  



Oh boy if you could see us dance.  With our green beers on top of the fireplace mantle, we cranked some Dropkick Murphy's and danced until the three of us were piled on the couch, catching our breath and roaring with laughter.  At times, it seemed each of us were in our own little world, and other times, we laughed in hysterics watching one another dance, feeling old, a little ashamed, but mostly just happy.  

Soon, there we were, the three of us crowded around the laptop screen, singing 'Oh, Danny Boy' in our very best falsettos, Cruz mimicking the open-jawed whole notes and doing his best to follow the words.  When the Irish music started ringing in our ears, we ended the night with some coloring while Beau serenaded us with his guitar.  He learned 'Ho Hey' for me, and even Cruz can sing along.  Just us, crayons spread across the table, trying to match the right words with the right chords, following Cruz's lead and the sweet way he sings 'you're my sweetheart' --- sometimes, it's the unexpected moments that bring us the most joy.  


After tucking Cruz in bed and kissing his cheeks, Beau and I played some bananagrams and laughed like old times.  We conquered the winter blues yet again and welcomed our toasty warm beds with an Irish jig still stuck in our heads.  

Now, for the rest of the week...

Stay tuned ;).  

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