Saturday, March 23, 2013

wherefore art thou, spring?

Today we met Janet, Jillian, and Rob at Panera for a quick lunch, thankful for a chance to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air after a long week stuck inside.  On the way there, we saw signs of spring everywhere.  Okay, maybe just signs that everyone is doing their best to push winter out the door, even if I'm not sure it broke 40 today.  We saw a couple of college kids in lawn chairs sitting in shorts in their front yard, holding beers and signs that read, 'Honk and we'll drink.'  Main Street was hopping with people darting in and out of shops, grabbing an afternoon drink at Singlespeed and a cupcake at Scratch.  Even Cruz felt the itch, grinning from ear to ear as he dashed out of his carseat and ran full speed down our driveway to help Dad get the mail.  Soon, his little legs ran toward me and he yanked his winter coat off and turned to stomp through the leftover snow pile at the end of our sidewalk.  This, of course, did not last long, but made me laugh to think that even our little monkey has had his fill of winter.

We've had grilled burgers for dinner two nights in a row and have decided it's our equivalent to the college boys in the front yard.  If spring isn't going to show up on its own, we'll do what we can to usher it in ourselves.  

And when all else fails, I'll daydream with pictures from last year's summer of bliss.  Boy, do I remember that tan baby and his sun bleached hair!




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  1. Ok those pictures make me hopeful! Spring has to be coming!!!



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