Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthdays, Bacon, and Break Dancing

Although the sun still seems to be awol around here as of late, that didn't stop us from creating some summertime fun this weekend.  We've been getting over some long nasty colds, so between naps, chicken noodle soup, and the Game of Thrones season finale, we forced ourselves outside and had some fun by the fire, on the dance floor, and underneath the moon. 

Highlights of our weekend...
Birthdays, Bacon, and Break Dancing
Cruz was pretty sick last week with what we eventually learned was a sinus infection and clogged tear duct.  And because Beau's birthday was spent waiting in line at not one, but two Walgreens for antibiotics, we decided to hold off and celebrate when Cruz was feeling back to himself.  We celebrated a couple of nights late with grilled steaks and baked potatoes, Italian pasta salad and peanut butter pie, and relived an annual tradition of a very special gift from Cruz, picked out all by himself with an allowance of $2.42 at Dollar General.  

Cruz perused the aisles of Dollar General for an hour, casually investigating objects and announcing "Daddy wouldn't like it," before setting it back down and finding something else.  He finally decided on an orange hoola hoop ("hoola hoopsie") and a cool pair of shades.  Cruz thought is was pretty neat presented Daddy with his very own gift and immediately proceeded to demonstrate how to use it.

Saturday morning started in a way quite typical for the Jorgensen's --- bacon, bed head, and underwear!  Our little monkey is pretty much potty trained, and he's enjoying the freedom and comfort of underwear!  He may kill me for these pictures someday, but I just can't help myself - chicken legs, his baseball t-shirt tucked into his Superman undies, and eating bacon like a piece of candy.


Saturday night, we traveled to Allison for a wedding.  For a few years, it seemed our summers were made of weddings; however, they happen less frequently lately and I relish the opportunity to get dressed up, eat wedding cake, and see how two people take such a lovely tradition and put their own unique spin on it. 


Cruz looked so handsome on Saturday and got into all things wedding.  He preferred to drink his water from the wine glass at the table instead of the sippy cup we packed, quickly spotted the candy and popcorn table from across the way, and broke in his dancing shoes by creating quite the spectacle on the dance floor.  

He was so funny!  Surrounded by mostly strangers, this little man held his own as he followed the groomsmen's moves, and other times, let them follow his lead!  At one point, I couldn't find Cruz on the dance floor, to which my dad pointed him out in the middle of a giant circle of dancers, taking his turn during Jeremiah was a Bullfrog!  My favorite moment was when I saw him go and wave his hands back and forth in Carly's tulle wedding skirt!  He lost himself for a moment!

Popcorn, Puppets, and New Park Adventures
Friday night, we met Jordan, Kelli, Charly, and Hayes for one of my favorite summertime traditions.  Our town does this thing called, Movies Under the Moon a few times each summer.  Families of all ages gather on the grounds at Overman Park, spread blankets, open picnic baskets, and settle in for a night of popcorn, snuggling, and movies under the moonlight.  Friday night was the perfect night for this sort of thing - the weather just right for blankets and past-bedtime cuddles.  We ate pizza out of the box, passed toys and kiddos around, and watched the Lorax with a sea of people.  Stepping back and soaking up the huge crowd was a pretty neat sight.  Small town America at its finest.



Sunday brought playtime in Cruz's room, stories out of the mouths of puppets, and new parks to explore.  We found a wonderful little secluded one just right for Cruz's size, and he spent a half hour concentrating on conquering the digger toy all by himself.


Fish, Forts, Fires, and Farmer's Markets
This weekend brought blanket forts (because Saturday morning cartoons are really much better from under a blanket fort), trips to the Farmer's Market to replace some of our rabbit-plagued pepper plants, and backyard fires, s'mores, and books after bedtime.  

And finally, our weekend brought us Sam.  Sam-I-Am to be exact.  We decided Cruz needed a pet, and since my allergies currently prevent any furry friend from joining our family, we went to Pet Smart and let Cruz pick out a finned one instead.  

He went with this bright blue beta fish, and I had fun picking out and decorating a little bowl to match Cruz's room.  Sam made it through the first stretch of getting home, as Cruz proudly demanded he hold the plastic container, sending Sam on quite the roller coaster on the way home.  While I was at first thankful for a 14 day guarantee, it looks as though our little fish friend is enjoying his new home.  Now if we can just keep him in the bowl. ;)

It was a pretty good weekend and you know what?  The sun is peeking through the clouds as we speak.  Hoping for a chance to dip our toes into some chlorine this week.      

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