Sunday, June 2, 2013

Six Years Ago...

The sky was intense.  Overpowering, majestic clouds contrasted a bright blue sky and threatened an immediate downpour at any moment.  This sky seemed to reinforce the intensity of the day - the emotion, the build-up, the excitement.  The clouds lingered until the last photos were taken, and erupted with a quiet, warm rain just as the ceremony began.  And afterwards, a double rainbow - a peaceful, perfect conclusion and start of a new chapter for a husband and wife.

Today, Beau and I celebrate six years of happiness.  Six years of growing and learning from one another, of changes and new chapters to our history-in-the-making, and most of all, of a love that has only continued to grow and deepen as we discover more of who we are and what we're made of.  And while the day of our wedding and the adventures of our past bring back so many memories that make me smile at who we were then, the pages we write today far exceed that white dress, that first dance, and even that exotic honeymoon to Mexico.  

Yes, even that.

I remember so much about our wedding day.  I remember how the satin of my dress felt against my skin, sneaking a peek at Beau through the window of where we got ready as he waited to see me for the first time, and the look on my dad's face just moments before we made our way down the aisle.  I remember standing forehead to forehead, laughing with Beau when our unity candle wouldn't light, and the calm look of assurance on Pastor Steve's face when we decided to give up.  I remember our first kiss as husband and wife, our walk down a streamer-filled drive, and holding Beau's hand in the privacy of his white impala as we drove to the reception with a rainbow guiding our way.

Beau remembers walking his Grandma J down the aisle and switching pants with his dad minutes before the ceremony because his waistband broke.  He remembers the overwhelming feeling of seeing Dad and I turn the corner of the church to make our way up the aisle, and the wide-eyed, I-can't-believe-we're-doing-this smile I gave him as I approached the front of the church.  

Our wedding was wonderful; however, the days following were some of the best.  We were in a newlywed bubble, making a life in our little duplex, cooking exotic meals with our brand new cookware, and spending late nights on the back patio, playing scrabble, drinking wine, and dreaming up plans for our future.  Plans that look a lot like what we're living now.  

I'm so thankful for this man that spilled a drink on me nine years ago today.  I'm so thankful for this man that put up with my drama for a year and a half of dating, and put up with my planning for a year and a half of engagement.  I'm so thankful for this man that put a ring on my finger six years ago today.  I'm so thankful for this wild and crazy life and for the partner I have to share it with.  There's no life I'd rather live than the one that's next to him.        


A billion thanks to the amazing Karen at Muse Photo Design (previously Cooper Image and Design) for contacting me about my old photo proofs.  I cherish these digital copies so much! 


  1. Happy Anniversary! You look beautiful, of course!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lindsey! Maybe I'll see you at a Bucks game this summer (if summer ever decides to show up???)

    2. Yes! :) the games are much more enjoyable when the sun is at least shining. Stop out at the Deck- I'm sure I could talk one of the guys into getting Cruz a ball :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Six years and many blessings! I've missed looking at these pictures! A beautiful bride & a beautiful couple! We love you both!!

    1. Thanks, Mom. Isn't it great to have all the proofs?! Made me a little sick to think I might not have had them.



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