Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Super Duper Wonderful

Friday night, I was giving Cruz a bath, discussing our night.  I told him about the seasons and how fall was one of my most favorite seasons of all for reasons like yummy food, soft clothes, and walks in the leaves.  I told him all this after a late afternoon hike through one of our favorite fall places, Hartman Reserve, a yummy dinner of grilled burgers and fresh tomato pie, and the slow, casual pace of a weekend ahead.  I said I loved all of it, and he smiled and replied:

"Me too, Mommy, it's super duper wonferful."

That it is, sweet boy.

My work week ended a little early on Friday and much to my delight, Beau's did, too.  We changed from work clothes into fall clothes - no easy feat for me with this growing belly - and we went to pick up Cruz together, a favorite occurrence of mine.  He was so excited to see us and even more so when we explained that instead of heading home, we were heading out on a little excursion.  I told him we were going to be explorers, and we escaped to the woods just on the edge of our city and caught our first few glimpses of fall.


Hartman Reserve serves as a bit of a time stamp for me, as it's been a place we've explored every fall since I was very pregnant with Cruz.  It dances this time of year and allows the perfect quick escape I so often crave.  My senses come alive at this place --- the deep, fresh air in my lungs, the intoxicating smell of woods, and the sounds of leaves crunching under our feet as we trudge through the wooded paths.  I remember discovering this place when I was about due with Cruz, too pregnant to go far from home, but desiring to get outside and breathe in the fresh fall air.  I remember taking Cruz out just after turning a year old, how proud Beau was to carry him on his shoulders and how Cruz kept leaning over, grabbing Beau's face and telling him, "hi."  I remember going to Hartman on Cruz's 2nd birthday, watching his little feet try to stay on the wooden boards in his light blue birthday shirt.  Every year, he's a little bigger, a little more daring, and a little more imaginative as we explore our own little Walden Pond.  And as we trudged through the trails, discovered walking sticks, and assured Cruz that Daddy was just joking about the bears, I couldn't help but smile to think that next fall we'd have a baby along for the ride.  I'm seeing moby wraps, knitted blankies, and fall colored tights in my future...:) 

I also realized how much faster he's getting!  He wouldn't stop for pictures, so I captured the pretties instead.

More gifts from this weekend...

11. the satisfaction of using up our garden produce.  there's something really fulfilling about making your own food
12. windows open on a friday night and the sounds of high school football being played in our backyard
13. post-bath neighborhood walks outside.  pajamas, socks on bare feet, and rediscovering favorite thick blankets from the closet
14. homemade oatmeal with fresh, honeycrisp apples
15. a new pair of maternity pajamas that fit just right
16. fall craft shopping with a friend
17. eight pints of freshly canned salsa
18. popcorn for supper on a sunday night
19. a bears win and a happy husband
20. the warmth of a favorite pair of leggings on a rainy sunday afternoon.   

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  1. That picture of you in your pajamas screams Fall to me. I love reading your posts this time of year because you and I are always on the same page! And Hartman Reserve holds a special place in my heart as well... the house right across the street from the entrance is where my Nanny and PopPop lived when I was little. A lifetime of memories on those trails!



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