Thursday, December 5, 2013

Boone is Back

Our friend, Boone, paid us a visit from the North Pole early Sunday morning, welcoming us to the month of Christmas with his annual North Pole Breakfast.  Cruz was excited to see him and immediately announced, "BOONE!!!" when he spotted him in the middle of the table.  We've talked about Boone every now and then, but Beau and I were both surprised Cruz recalled his little elf friend, sparking a discussion on just how long-term our little one's memory is at this point of his life.  


Our North Pole breakfast included Cruz's favorite, blueberry muffins, some festive reindeer and snowman donuts, Boone's signature strawberry banana candy cane, and snow-chilled milk straight from the North Pole.  Boone also brought Cruz a brand new Tow Mater ornament to hang on our tree and a new Christmas movie to add to our collection.

Cruz is having fun finding Boone in all sorts of odd places this week.  This morning before school, the two of them sat by the Christmas tree and strung Apple Jack garland on pipe cleaners while they watched cartoons.  Boone hung his on the tree; Cruz ate his ornament on the way to school. :) 

More Boone pictures to come.  Happy December!

To see last year's North Pole breakfast, visit here.  



  1. Our Elf Eli is back - and he brought his sister with him since we now have a little girl too! I just love how creative you are!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. That's funny! I love the little white skirt on the 'girl' elf! Boone carelessly forgot to go to the North Pole last night so I have a feeling he will feel the need to redeem himself tomorrow morning. :)

  2. And you say you can't get everything done!! You put your mother to shame. Such cute pictures! I love the donuts & Cruz's jammies are adorable. What fun!! Can't wait to see what Boone & Cliff have in store this year! :)



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