Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Practically Here!

I'm posting a few outtakes from our Christmas card picture attempt this year.  It was cold, Beau was sulking after a Bears loss, and Cruz refused to wear the warm shirt I had picked out for him, but other than that we got some silly pictures that make me smile.  It wouldn't be December without a few potato flakes in the air...:)

I've officially wrapped up another semester at UNI and it hasn't quite sunk in yet that I will likely not be back to work until the birds start chirping in the spring.  It's been a busy week; however, life has turned a corner as of this morning and I'm feeling the peace and anticipation of so much settle in.  Last night, after tucking Cruz in his snuggly warm bed, I stayed up late and nested.  I did everything from apply paint thinner to a few of Cruz's plastic dishes where the price label wasn't quite unstuck, baked a batch of peanut clusters, and rearranged the pretty packages under the tree.  When Beau caught me hauling our black suitcase up the stairs at 11:30 at night, I think he thought I had lost my mind.  For the next hour, I carefully went through the baby's closet and drawers, picking out the perfect pieces to pack in her hospital bag, smelling them, folding and refolding them, and daydreaming about her wearing them.  With Cruz, I had absolutely no clue what to expect about his birth and this time around has an entirely feeling surrounding it.  Although I'm sure there will be differences, I am confident, calm, and ready to do this thing again.  I'm ready to meet this baby girl.

A few more things I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend...

driving / around town to look at lights tonight.  It's an annual tradition around here and last year, we got chocolate shakes at the end of it all.  A tradition this pregnant girl is all over this year!
watching / It's a Wonderful Life tonight.  Because nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit more than Jimmy Stewart running through Bedford Falls.    
eating / well, we have two family Christmases this weekend, so I'm sure we'll be doing lots of this
drinking / apple cider

baking / chocolate peanut blossoms...the last thing on my list
practicing / pictures of Cruz by the Christmas tree. 
finishing / my Christmas shopping.  It's almost there. 
DVR'ing / Jimmy and JT on SNL.  My husband and I have mad crushes on both these guys.

reading / the Polar Express under the Christmas tree
seeing / my little brother graduate from college.  Proud of him.
wondering / if the snow storm they are talking about will hit us.

buying / new bedding for our bed.  A fresh set of sheets and comforter as we look ahead to a whole lot of sleepless nights
thanking / God for a wonderful doctor's appointment this morning and a Skype session with my baby girl.  My baby girl who is healthy and head down! 

Wishing all of you safe travels and a wonderful "weekend before"...

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