Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Blues Boredom Busters

With less than four weeks before our second baby's 'd-day', I've entered full on nesting mode, attempting to organize this space, simplify our things, and be proactive about meals, toiletries, and ideas to keep Cruz Man entertained and busy during my maternity leave.  While I am fully ready to hibernate come January, I also know that cabin fever is bound to set in and I'll need to be ready to get creative with ideas around here.  I've started a running list of boredom busters - simple, educational things to entertain both Cruz and myself before we can get outside for walks and park picnics.  Because although I'm convinced Cruz could run around the house playing pirates and looking for Captain Hook all day long, I can only take so much.  

Here are a few fun projects the two of us have been up to lately...

...Learning our letters.
We are exploring and learning our letters around here and this is the perfect way to engage my very busy boy.  Cruz has never been one to sit at the table and color for a long period of time, but he does enjoy games, tools, and manual labor!  I saw this idea on Pinterest and instantly thought of this random piece of styrofoam I've had in the bottom of my pantry for a long time.  A golf tee, a toy hammer, and some letters (magnets, blocks, etc.) are all the supplies needed to make a fun letter identification gameIt's great for talking about letters and also great for fine motor skill building.     


...Love of the glue stick.

One thing I've learned when it comes to crafting with Cruz is to go with what he enjoys and find crafts that encourage his independence.  Lately, Cruz LOVES anything involving glue.  I've found a million super cute crafts that include scrap pieces that are used to create a mosaic of sorts.  We can practice cutting without following the lines, and Cruz can have full reign to glue to his heart's desire.  I love the Elmer's Adhesive Glue Sticks because they dry clear and allow you to stick and re-stick as often as you need.      

...Christmas tree game craft.

Cruz loves playing games right now and this was a simple, fun, and festive way to combine crafting, learning, gluing (go figure) and entertaining all in one.  It's simple - just cut out Christmas trees with green construction paper and fill your tree with black circles to designate areas for your 'ornaments.'  Then, grab some glue, a dice, a pile of mini pom poms, and a snack, and take turns rolling the dice and adding the corresponding number of 'ornaments' to your tree.  The first person to fill your tree wins.  I loved this because the rules were easy, we practiced our numbers, and were left with two festive little Christmas trees that look lovely hanging on our fridge.   

...Snowmen at Night.  This little project was a win win all around.  Snowmen at Night is one of our favorite books to read this time of year and I love finding craft projects to go along with books we cherish.  Cruz is very interested in snowmen this year and I knew he would get into building his very own snowman with some scraps of paper and his beloved glue stick.  While he pasted, I asked him what he would do if he were a snowman and scripted his response with a white crayon.  His response makes me smile and I think it would be cute to do a similar snowman every winter to see how he grows and thinks.  

...Santa.   After the snowman craft and a trip to Barnes and Noble where Cruz found a Batman Cave he most definitely wanted from Santa, I decided it was the right time to write his first letter to Santa.  I once again scripted for him and wrote his response through tears of laughter.  He signed his name and decorated the letter with stickers.  Then, the next night, we took him up to Main Street so he could 'deliver' his letter to Santa.  He took the whole process very seriously and I made sure to make a copy of his letter to keep and show him someday.   

Visit my Pinterest page for more ideas on keeping the littles busy during the winter months!     

What are your go-to boredom busters for beating the winter blues?  I would love to hear your ideas and add them to my list.  

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