Thursday, July 3, 2014

An Outdoor Movie Party

One of my very favorite things to do in the summertime is watch a movie in our own backyard.  There is something very dreamy and wistful about pulling out the sleeping bags and pillows when everyone would usually be going home and watching a movie under the stars, with popcorn and candles and kiddos in pajamas, popping milk duds and slurping on sour patch kids.  I love the glow that illuminates from our backyard, the neighborhood cars that drive slowly by our house to catch a glimpse of the picture, and the occasional bug that finds a resting place on the screen until someone shoos it away. 

We celebrated Beau's birthday a few weeks ago with a good old fashioned barbecue.  We had smoked pork loin and potato salad, angel food cake with fresh strawberries, and ended the night with a movie and all the fixins' - a popcorn buffet, every movie theater candy you can think of (thank you Dollar Store), and nostalgic glass bottles of Pepsi, Rootbeer, and Orange Crush.  Thanks to Beau's co-worker, Steve, we had a fogger to keep the bugs away, candles to add to the mood, and piles of sleeping bags and pillows to keep us warm and cozy.  Our good friend and neighbor, Aaron, let us use his garage as a movie screen again, and the kids requested none other than Frozen as our feature presentation.  As soon as the sun went down and the sky filled with stars, we settled in for a bag of popcorn and our sixteenth viewing of Elsa and Anna.  

But our first viewing under the stars. :) 

Some photos from our very summer night...

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