Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mila @ Six Months Old...

...you have grown significantly this month.  You have filled out in all the right places and look pretty darn cute with nothing but your diaper on.  It's why summer time is the best time, the less clothes on a baby, the better!

...you started sitting on your own around the 4th of July.  You're a bit wobbly, but when you lean over, you have a tuck and roll method that is quite smooth.  You instantly roll onto your belly and look around like, "What?  I totally meant to do that."

...it may have taken you a little longer to lengthen those nights, but you have proved to be a fantastic little crib sleeper.  You are ready for bed at 7:30 most nights and sleep anywhere between 6 and 8.  We love you for this!

...You also take great naps, a shorter on in the morning and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  You love your crib, love your blankies, and love sleeping on your tummy.

...You are a crazy jumper in your jumperoo!  Your feet do a little jig and you think it is hilarious!  

...You started giggling for me a few times this month, but boy do I have to work at it.  You are ticklish and think it's funny when I tickle your sides and underneath your chin!  Your laugh is more of a husky chuckle and it is so funny.  

...Everyone, and I mean everyone, comments on how much you look like your brother.

...You cut two very cute little teeth this month, both on the bottom.  You did okay with the whole process, but had a runny nose for about two weeks.

...We started baby food this week and you are such a good eater!  You have some rice cereal in the morning, usually mixed with a fruit puree, and some veggies at suppertime.  We've tried carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, turnips, apples, peaches, and bananas, and you love it all!  I have quite the selection stored away in the freezer and fixing your supper every night is one of my favorite parts of the day.

...You're not much for cuddling like your brother was, but you do go to sleep much easier.  You're only fussy when you're sleepy and a combination of the sleeper hold, a little bounce, and a pat pat pat on your bum in your room usually puts you to sleep in minutes.

...You're a definite mommy's girl, but seem to be pretty smitten with your daddy lately.  And your brother.  And your Great Grandma Merle. :)


Can't believe you are halfway to one, little girl.  We love you so!


  1. Happy Half Birthday, sweet girl!! You are such a good baby & always so happy!! It's truly been a very special 6 months! You are a joy!! :) Love you so much!!

  2. Those bath towel pictures are adorable!!

  3. I haven't been around lately and I cannot get over how much Mila has grown! And I can see why everyone comments on her looking just like her big brother, because she does! What a sweetie! Happy half birthday baby Mila!



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