Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Seven Months Old

Mila is seven months old this month, officially closer to her first birthday than her ‘birth day.’  She’s thriving in every way, showing more of a personality every day and making us laugh with her unique quirks and of course, that easy, full gummed smile that now reveals not two, but three little baby teeth.  

Milestones and memories from her seventh month...

-As I said previously, Mila is revealing a funny personality that reminds us so much of her brother.  She is audacious, smiling big when Beau holds her upside down, or not flinching a bit when he throws her up on his shoulders.  She started sitting in Cruz’s push and play car and although she looks a bit small in there, she holds onto the wheel and bounces up and down as if she’s riding a mechanical bull.  She still smiles at everyone, all the time, but now that she’s sitting, will smile big and instantly bend all the way forward, displaying this shy, hard-to-get side of her that we know is more show than truth.

-Mila is also full of excitement and fun.  She kicks her legs like a frog, pants like a puppy, and when she’s really excited, squeals like a baby seal.  This is not hard to get out of Mila – she’ll do this every morning when she sees Cruz, when she spots her bottle, or when we talk or play with her.  She is one of the most smiley babies I know, however, my girl has hardly giggled.  I’ve gotten one out of her a few times, but I have to work really really hard for it!

-Mila is also not much for cuddling.  I blame it on her being the second child, for she is always craning her neck to see what her brother is doing or wriggling her way out of our arms as if she’d prefer to be on the move.  This is presenting a problem as of late, because it seems Mila has also discovered that if she cries when we set her down, one of us will most likely pick her back up.  So, she’ll squirm out of our arms when we hold her, but cry when we set her down.  What typically results is her crocheted to my hip, facing forwarded, just sort of dangling there like a little flower.  I think she has her sights set on moving herself, if only she could figure out how to get up on all fours.

-I still think we are a ways away from a crawler, however, she’s figuring out how to move in more creative ways for now.  Like the other day, when I got Cruz lunch and suddenly Mila realized she was alone in the living room.  She started crying, so I picked her up and plopped her on the kitchen rug next to the sink.  I went on my way making mac and cheese and cutting up apple slices, and before I knew it, Mila had scooted her buns across to the other side of the kitchen.  Cruz and I got a good laugh out of it and Mila was all smiles, pride swelling as she knew what she had done.  She’s discovered this is a bit more complicated on the carpeted floor.

-One of my very favorite things about Mila right now is her eating habits.  She is a girl after her mama’s heart, a lover of food and new tastes and textures.  There is not a food this little girl hasn’t devoured, fuel for me to take full advantage of the farmer’s market and steam, mash, and puree until my freezer is bursting with a rainbow of frozen cubes.  We’ve tried parsnips and turnips, zucchini and squash, potatoes of every size and color, and lots and lots of fruit.  The other night, Mila’s face was stained red after destroying a bowl of fresh beets, and she cried when it was gone.  I have the most fun mixing all sorts of combinations of purees – avocados, pears, and blueberries, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and apples, and just made her her first meat dish – a chicken casserole made with chicken breasts, stock, carrots, sweet potatoes, and leeks.  She loves her baby food and her little physique is showing it – she’s over 20 pounds and has caught up to her brother when he was her age!

-We’ve also tried a few puffs this month, although she’ll only get them to her mouth if one of us caves and does it for her.  She’s working on those fine motor skills, and we look forward to the day that three puffs will occupy her for twenty minutes – surely a feat that will make family meal time a little less chaotic!

-We popped a third tooth this month, as well as more light blond hair on that head of hers.  She actually has quite a bit; however, it will be awhile before I can use these barrettes of hers. 

-Mila still loves her baths, however, her days in the whale tub are numbered.  She isn’t much for a relaxing bath, but now prefers to sit straight up and see how close she can get to the suds without sticking her entire face in the water.  When I do lay her back, she has discovered a new splashing technique, one where she lifts her torso and bottom up and down, sloshing water around her.  She makes quite the mess, but looks hilarious doing it, usually ensuing lots of laughter from her three family members.  She, unsurprisingly due to being the offspring of her father, responds to our laughter with amplified splashes, until there is hardly any water left in her tub.

-Mila is a pro at ‘SOOOOO BIG’ and a bigger pro at staring at us blankly while we look like fools and do it for her over and over and over again.  She’ll finally give in, but not before we embarrass ourselves first!


-Things Mila loves: playing on the floor with her brother, chewing on her wooden cellular phone, being held by her mama, exploring outside, being naked, eating all the time, and sleeping!  She likes her bed and likes her sleep, something we most definitely love about her!

-Things Mila doesn’t love: the car, waiting for her food to warm up, having her face washed, pulling clothes over her head, and being alone in a room while other amazing things are happening without her!

Happy seven months, little sprite!  We love you! 

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