Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cruz's 4th Birthday Party

Before I began this birthday party post, I spent some time rereading old birthday posts and looking at pictures from the last three years of Cruz parties.  The colors, the little staples I so carefully planned, and most importantly, the memories, all came flooding back and gave me lots to smile about.  Memories, like staying up late with Beau, drinking wine, tea staining white paper, and laughing hysterically as we made up pirate rhymes for our treasure hunt.  While my idea of a birthday party may have been featured on Dave Ramsey's "10 Ways We Waste Money On Our Kids," it's something I find a lot of joy in.  I start dreaming up an idea early, make a list, and work at things little by little to de-stress and exercise my creative juices.  I work a little at a time and if it gets stressful, I reevaluate my intentions.  And by the week of the party, my "extras" are already done.  I clean, I make or plan food, and I bring it all to life.  

And then, we party.  

This year was the first year I'd say Cruz really got into the idea of a birthday party.  He was very excited to blow out his own birthday candles, eat cake, and of course, open presents.  And because my boy is very much into all things superheros, I wanted to include a lot of details that fit him to a tee.  His absolute favorite activity is to play superheros for pretend, so I made a superhero training camp that included a number of activities for our little tributes to complete in order to obtain superhero status.  Since Cruz is what I would consider advanced when it comes to random superhero trivia, we customized a superhero trivia game to play.  We ate hero subs, chips, and juice boxes, and Cruz and his cousins left with gift bags that included a vintage superhero activity pad, some superhero stickers, a piece of green "Kryptonite" (or rock candy), and mini bags of our local popcorn store, Here's What's Poppin's, "Superman Mix."  I absolutely loved all the kiddos running around in their own superhero get-ups and loved that it all felt very fitting for my almost four-year-old.

Some candids from the big day...

I'll be back tomorrow sharing more details on decorations, food, and fun. :)

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