Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Fall Stuff

As I (forgot to) turn the calendar over to October this morning, it only feels fitting to live one more day in September.  We experienced big things this month, but today I look back and celebrate these little details that made September smile. 

// Wildflowers and new parks to discover and explore.  Thanks for the tip, Judy. :)

// Impromptu talks with grandpas and uncles on the driveway while Cruz sprays things down with a garden hose and figures out how to make the garage door go up and down locked inside my car.  He was pretty proud of himself with that one!

// A morning treasure hunt deep within the forest at Hartman Reserve. 

I need these little bits of time with just him.  To throw rocks in the water as long as his heart desires and talk about superheros over happy meals.    

// That moment where we all sink into chairs at the end of day, snuggling with Cruz during an episode of Avengers Assemble or curling Mila up close to your chest as she drifts off to sleep.  No matter how long or hard the day was, everything is made right when you rock a baby to sleep. 

// Saturday farmer's market mornings with our usual stop at Hoffman's produce for the week's baby food, a cinnamon roll for Cruz, and this week, free popcorn balls. 

// a couple of Panther fans for UNI's Homecoming. 

// Some bounce house fun, a couple Oktoberfest brews, and a pretty blue dress on a Saturday spent downtown.  We checked out Oktoberfest for awhile and ended the night with a stroll down the parkade and tacos at, well, take a wild guess. :)

// Another month of growing for this baby girl I just can't get enough of.  Our bond is a strong one.   

// Impromptu Saturday movie nights are the best kind.  Blankets piled high on the living room floor, a bowl of popcorn between us, and now, a mobile little squirt that thinks our sea of blankets is the ultimate jungle gym. 

// A new season of Kindergym for the Cruz guy.  And a proud baby sister who really likes to watch.

// Picnic food and play with family on a Saturday night.  We sprawled ourselves on quilts, shared chips and cookies, and had a playground to ourselves for a good three hours.  We are so thankful to have these cousins so close, in proximity, in age, and in heart.


Welcome, October. :) 

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