Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cruz's Superhero Party - The Details

For decorations, I always seem to make one table the focal point of my party theme.  It's relatively small to create and not overwhelming to visualize.  And, I love making the same table, in the same space, look completely different from year to year depending on the theme and the color scheme.

This year, I saved cereal boxes and pop can boxes, wrapped them in red, blue, and black bulletin board paper, and cut out construction paper windows to create a city line of skyscrapers.  They were easy, cost me nothing, and added so much elevation and depth to the table.  I paired them with a simple white tablecloth, a white three-layer cake, and white serving trays for the cupcakes. 

I found these super cute cake topper printables from B. Squared Designs on Etsy, along with most of my other printables you'll see throughout the post.  I downloaded them, printed them on cardstock, and hot glued them to white popsicle sticks from Hobby Lobby.  Added a gold sparkler thingy for some pizazz and spray painted this $2.99 cake plate I found at the party store.  

Because the price of helium has skyrocketed (apparently there is a shortage?!), I went light on the balloons this year, but did add black construction paper superhero masks to fit, well, everything else.

I fell in love with these little cupcake toppers from Etsy for the cartoonish figures of Cruz's favorite superheros.  Superhero stuff tends to be a little cheesy, but these were simple and cute.  I used them on the cupcakes, and again as favor tags for Cruz's birthday treats at school.   

Gift bags were simple this year.  I ordered these vintage superhero activity pads, mini bags of our local popcorn store's "Superman Mix" of flavored cherry and blueberry popcorn, and one stick of green rock candy, otherwise referred to as Superman's Kryptonite." 

One of my absolute favorite projects included the comic book banner and letters pictured below.  I did this one months ago and developed a slight addiction to Modge Podge.  I just purchased the cardboard pennants and letters from Hobby Lobby, perused the 99 cent comics at our local comic book store, and slipped some red baker's twine through the pennants.  LOVED the way they turned out and will most definitely reuse these in Cruz's bedroom. 

The games were probably my favorite part of the party this year.  Since Cruz's cousins are equally as obsessed with all things superhero, I thought it would be fun to create a superhero training center for them to test their minds and bodies in order to become official superheros.  

First, they colored their own masks at the art station.

Then, the tributes participated in their favorite game, Spiderman's Web Shooter.  I printed ten or so pictures of Cruz's favorite superheros and villains, taped their faces to popsicle sticks, and stuck them in various parts of the grass outside the party.  Then, with a can of silly string (aka, spider webs) in hand, our little superheros ran through the obstacle course and sprayed down the villains.  Or, in Cruz's case, got as close to the picture of Doc Ock as he could and sprayed half his can onto those mechanical arms.  He absolutely wanted no help with this and took his spidey role quite seriously.

The next game was Captain America's shield toss.  I collected a basket of random balls at our house and took turns throwing them at the kids to see how many they could block.  They loved this one and also took it quite seriously. 

After the tributes proved their outer strength, we went inside for a game of superhero trivia.  Because our boy loves nothing more than a good conversation about random facts about superheros, we decided to incorporate a Superhero Jeopardy game.  And although Uncle Gabe gave Cruz a run for his money, our boy won fair and square, all thanks to his knowledge of the "Invincible Ironman."

Finally, they were given the title of official superhero.  I signed their names on these certificates I created on Word, let them choose their official superhero name, and took their pictures in front of our Gotham City mural

I went easy on the food this year.  Using the speech bubbles and onomatopoeia words from B. Squared Desings on Etsy, I brainstormed foods that went with the corresponding words and made a few up on my own.  We had subs, or heroes, from Sub City, "SMASH" potato salad made by Grandma, "CRUNCH" chips, a "POP" Corn bar, and "Energy Blast" juice boxes for the kids.  

Of course, a Jorgensen party would not be complete without some sort of excuse to take a few pictures of the day.  Beau helped me free hand this Gotham City mural using a silver permanent marker and some yellow construction paper.  I loved how the black backdrop, especially with all these little heros sitting in front of it. 

(Speech bubbles found on B.Squared Designs)

It wouldn't be a party without something not going as planned.  While the pictures may look pretty cute, this photo booth I've seen executed so well on Pinterest was nothing short of a failure.  The blue sheet didn't stay flat, I couldn't elevate myself high enough without feeling like I would fall off the ladder, and the kiddos preferred to roll in the sheet instead of laying still (go figure).  The pictures have the right idea at least and they make me laugh.  

Especially the ones of Mila girl...:)

Please let me know if have any questions about party details I included or about things I forgot to include! 

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  1. Another great party!!! You throw the most amazing, simple yet awesome parties!! I applaud you!



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