Thursday, January 15, 2015

12 Month Milestones

Well, yesterday we celebrated Mila's first birthday with a fever, a trip to the walk-in clinic, and a prescription for antibiotics.  My poor girl was sent home early from daycare the day before her birthday and was up off and on that entire night restless, cranky, and just not herself.  Needless to say, we didn't get off to a very good start on her big day and I was one tired, bummed out mama.  She didn't know any better this year, but spending her birthday in urgent care was just not in my plan to celebrate her.  With her flushed cheeks and droopy eyes, I couldn't even bear to take a single picture of her on her first birthday.  It was a miserable day!  After a sudsy bubble bath, her warmest pjs, and some good snuggling, she had perked up by bedtime and slept good all night last night, for that we are thankful.  I discovered what looks like two new molars about to pop through on each side of her poor mouth, so I'm chalking our crap day up to a sore mouth.  Hoping those naughty teeth come through in plenty of time for my girl's party this weekend and I have every intention of turning back the calendar and calling a redo on our day yesterday.  Stay tuned!

* * * 

Once again, Mila had a month of growing and learning new things that she loves to show us and watch us swoon over.  She is a pleaser and gets much satisfaction from our oohs and ahhs when she shows us one of her tricks.  My most recent favorite is the sign language sign for "more".  She's quite good at this one, both at home and at daycare, and we have noticed that when she does it, she looks at everyone in the room to make sure we are indeed seeing her do it.  So of course, we make a big deal of it every time she does it, whether she really wants more of something or not.  Probably on our way to creating a little monster, but for now it's just too cute to ignore.

We've all been working our way through a string of colds this January and have been going through lots of Kleenexes and Boogie Wipes.  In addition to being a pleaser, Mila is also quite the mimicker - she watches people so closely and you can see the wheels turning in her big blues, trying to figure out how to do it.  This was definitely the case with blowing her nose this month.  Give her a Kleenex and she immediately holds it up to her nose, scrunches up her face, and blows, exactly as she should.  She's also quite good at "cleaning up" whenever you give her a paper towel or wash cloth.  She immediately starts wiping the floor or her tray as fast as she can, looking like a frantic, OCD, crazy woman.  I wonder where she's getting that from...:)

Speaking of mimicking, Mila continues to think her brother is the most amazing thing in her world and it is incredibly sweet to watch how she loves him.  The other night Cruz was in the bath and Mila threw a fit until I stripped her down and stuck her in with him.  She watches him play and will try and do the same things he does, sound effects and all.  Lately, we've started playing together more, giving Mila an action figure to chew on or a race car to drive.  Last night, she got to be Tony Stark and kept holding him up and going "oooh", as if he was doing something really cool.

She's not a walker yet, but took a few baby steps for the first time last week.  Again, being the smarty pants she is, she knows this is something we are all anxious for so to appease us, she started walking on her knees this month.  She looks hilarious doing it and always accompanies it with her excited little pant as if she thinks she has got something really figured out.  I'm telling you, I need to record this one before she figures out the real thing.  It's a sight to be seen!

Mila is an affectionate one.  She can blow kisses like a pageant queen, and gives her open-mouthed mouth kisses freely and abundantly!  Strangers and all, this is something we will need to work on soon enough.  Probably the reason she's been fighting colds this winter!  My favorite is when she realizes someone is playing hard to get and my girl proves to be a persistent kisser.  We were financing our final home loan the other night and she was attempting to sneak a kiss from Kyle, our lender (and also our friend).  He kept turning his face so she would kiss him on the cheek, but she kept going in for it.  He finally caved and she planted a big one right on his lips.  It's the sweetest, most germ-infested habit she has. :)

I'm afraid we have a talker on our hands!  Mila loves to jabber, attempts to repeat words we say, and has lots to say if she doesn't get what she wants exactly when she wants it!  She is demanding, especially at meal time and is not happy unless she has a wealth of food on her plate!

Mila still loves to dance, loves to hold soft things like blankies, stuffed animals, and dolls, and still bounces like crazy when she is excited about something.  She's not much for books unless they are touch-and-feel, however, she's developed a recent interest for a couple of Grandma's books.  She likes to read "Where's Kitten?" and "Red Hat, Green Hat" by Sandra Boynton.  One day, I was asking Cruz if he remembered reading that book and giggling every time I said the "oops" part.  We read it a few times together and laughed at every page as we recalled the silly oops part.  Now, whenever I read it to Mila, she gives me this fake little laugh at the end of every oops.  I haven't decided if the book is just that good or if she thinks she's playing some kind of game with me.  As I said before - mimicker and total pleaser!

Mila has gotten incredibly busy this month and is in to everything.  She is exhausting, especially in a house that hasn't had babies occupying its space in over 20 years!  She loves to clean out Grandma's card drawer, loves to play with the air fresheners and flashlights in the cupboard next to the sink, climbs the couch to turn the lamp on and off whenever possible, and refuses to hold still for diaper changes, EVER!  She is not content unless she is moving!  

Favorites in Mila's world at one year include:  toilet paper, pens, bath time, crawling around on Cruz's bed after bath time (in the nude), any meal, dolls, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer at daycare, dancing, bouncing, attention, her brother, his toys, did I mention attention?!

Things Mila would rather live without include: socks, clothes in general, hats or headbands of any kind, having her face washed, getting lotion after a good bath, the nice nursery ladies at church, getting hurt (she is a bit of a weeny), and her diapers.  She'd rather be a nudist.     

That's that!  Happy 12 MONTHS, silly girl.  We love you to pieces!


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