Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mila's First Birthday

Since Mila was feeling under the weather on her birthday last week, we decided to postpone festivities until she was back to herself again.  Again happened to be the end of the week, so I dressed her in a new outfit and told daycare I would be picking her up early for a date to Scratch for Mila's very first Oh Happy Day cupcake.  A few days prior, on Mila's actual birthday, I was hell-bent on celebrating in some way, and decided to take Mila to Scratch.  She had perked up a bit that day and Mom and I decided to try Pizza Ranch for lunch with a cupcake afterwards.  Bad idea.  By the time we got to Scratch, Mila's cheeks were as pink as the Princess cupcake I ordered her and she wanted nothing to do with it.  And when my girl refuses food, you know something is wrong.  We settled for a to-go box and as we were heading out the door, she threw up all over her coat.  Feeling beyond tired of sickness and frustrated with life's impeccable timing, my mom headed to Younkers to find a spare winter coat while I headed to Urgent Care to demand some medicine that would make my birthday girl feel better.  Do you know how sad it is to be at the doctor's office on your baby's first birthday?  I had to answer the date-of-birth question multiple times, only to get the same look of pity on all of their faces.  If I heard another, Oh, what a bummer of a birthday remarks I was going to hurt someone!  By the time we had left Urgent Care, prescription in hand, I was ready to erase our day from my memory books and call a do-over.

Thankfully, Mila bounced back quickly and after popping two bottom molars by Friday, she was a completely different baby.  And she loved her cupcake, just as I knew she would!  She devoured it in the sweetest way, sticking her entire face right in the thick of it, only coming up for air and showing off the sweetest frosting beard possible.  She didn't bother using her hands at first, but soon discovered they only aided in the process.  After worrying about her blood sugar levels, we decided to take the thing away, only to watch her move in on Cruz's chocolate vanilla one.  She definitely treated her first birthday treat in exactly the way she should have and I couldn't wait to see her with her smash cake at her party.


Friday night, we headed back to my parents' and let Mila open some of her gifts.  She was quite disinterested in the whole present thing, much to her brother's satisfaction, but she took full advantage of the presents as perfect sitting posts for her to climb on.  She climbed on the biggest one, turned around to face her audience, and looked extremely proud of her accomplishment.  Her satisfaction only grew when we sang her the Happy Birthday song from her perch.  She grinned from ear to ear, clapped her hands, and started her own version of the song, belting a low-pitched, "Gahhhhhh!!!" along to our tune.  It was hilarious, so much, that we continued to sing her Happy Birthday for several more rounds.  

Love this look on her face.  The look of pride on her face while we sang to her was priceless.

She loved her new pillow from us and baby stroller from Grandma!

I'm so thankful we were able to celebrate our girl when she was feeling better and even more thankful Mom and Dad were there to celebrate with us.  She's a unique little soul and her birthday was so her.  

Stay tuned for her party coming later this week. :)     


  1. Love the cupcake pictures, so cute!! Happy Birthday, Mila!

  2. This is absolutely precious!!! I wish so hard my little miss got messy... but she didn't... She is very prim and proper and ate her cake with a fork! (she turns 2 today and we had her party this past Sunday)



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