Monday, February 9, 2015

scrub a dub love

Whatever kind of day we've had, we stick them in the tub at the end of it and get this.  Two precious little babes, just happy to be together.  Raising these two is tiring and hectic, but watching their bond form in these rare quiet moments brings me more joy than I ever dreamed.  We can learn so much from their kind of love - their patient, selfless, uninhibited love.  I love that Mila is most content when Cruz is near.  I love the look of pure joy on Cruz's face when Mila does something silly.  I love the way Mila watches Cruz and tries to mimic his moves and I love the patience he has for her when she wants to do everything like him.  I love that they make one another feel safe, protected, and content.  These bath nights are the calm at the end of my day, my chance to lather them up and soak them in.  

Until Mila poops in the tub, that is.  Which is like every time here lately.  

Happy Monday. :):)    


  1. These made me smile on a cloudy Monday morning! They are a precious pair!! :)

  2. Cruz and Mila are definitely going to have the best pictures at their graduation open houses... years and years away of course! :) So precious!!



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