Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valentine's Day

I've been a little absent on the blog this month, not because I haven't had plenty on my mind to write about, but because the Jorgensens are getting ready to jump ship!  Three days from now, we will finally move out of my parents' house!  They aren't going to know what to do with themselves!  This past week has been a complete whirlwind and I've come to peace with the fact that it likely will be for quite some time.  None of this is easy with two jobs and two kids that require us around the clock.  That said, though, I'm so ready to dive into the deep end and work my way to shore, hoping that by summertime, I'm sitting on the sand with a cold drink in my hand, shaking my head in awe when I look out and realize the extent of our swim.  I just hope I can tread a little while longer... 

Before I can turn the pages of this short but very full month of February, I had to share a few pictures from our Valentine's Day.  Beau and I scored our very first date night since moving and we celebrated with hibachi at Sakura and a trip to Home Depot.  Glamorous, I realize, but I had an ulterior motive for our stop, much to my husband's surprise.  We were in the thick of ordering light fixtures for our new house that week and I had been utilizing Home Depot's online ordering service frequently, making a purchase and choosing the 'free store pickup' option on their website.  I told Beau I had to pickup another light fixture at their customer service desk.  I made Beau go up to the counter and inform the associate we had an order for Jorgensen waiting.  To my husband's surprise, however, a shiny new table saw awaited his pickup instead of yet another schoolhouse light fixture for our hallway.  He was surprised, excited, and then completely understanding as to why I tried so hard to convince him to drive my car instead of his.  We made it work, though, and made a quick detour to our house to drop off his gift before making our way to Sakura.  

Saturday was Valentine's Day and Beau spent most of it working with our dads at the house.  My mom helped me celebrate with the kids and we had lots of fun dressing them in red and pink, corralling them for a picture together, and letting them open a special present.  Mila received a plastic tea set and a new Llama Llama board book, and Cruz happily opened a new Switch and Go Dino and the book, Dinosaurs Love Underpants.  He's been asking for another new dino since he opened his first one at Christmas and it was fun to fulfill his request and watch him be entertained the rest of the day. 

To stick with his dinosaur theme this year, Cruz helped me assemble a special set of dinosaur Valentine's for his class at school.  With 20 students in his 4 year old class, and 12 in his preschool class, Cruz had a big task of writing his name over 30 times, but he nailed it in one sitting and only grew frustrated at a couple. :)  Then, he helped me choose a dino for each of his friends and we secured it with a piece of colorful washi tape.  We also signed up to bring treats for his preschool party and made some yummy monster cookies, also per Cruz's request.  It's so fun for me to sign up for these simple parent responsibilities and see how much joy they bring to the littles involved.  Cruz was so proud to bring his cookies and so proud to share his Valentine's with his class.  Miss Dana told us his dinos were a hit, especially with the girls in his class!

It was a simple, but sweet Valentine's Day, and I am so thankful for these little love bugs in my life.  They are the reason for my smiles throughout the day, my reassurance after the hard ones, and I love the responsibility of filling their lives with joyful moments on the holidays, and the every days in between. 


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