Monday, February 2, 2015

A New House Bucket List

We have hit the month mark of moving in to our new house and we are beyond excited!  I stopped over there Friday and it was utter chaos.  There was a guy spraying trim in the kids' rooms, another one painting doors downstairs, someone building our board and batten in the office, and someone else grouting our bathroom floor.  The energy was palpable and it is so rewarding to see it all come to life before our very eyes.  

The other day, Beau and I ran to Des Moines for a quick trip to look at furniture.  We've been so busy making decision after decision on the house that we haven't had time to think much about what we want to put in it!  And since everyone has warned us furniture can sometimes take ten weeks to get in, we decided we better get a move on it if we want to start making this a home as soon as possible.  

We had a blast together, taking advantage of rare, much-needed time for just the two of us, laying on couches that weren't ours and imagining movie nights cozied up with our little ones.  We splurged and purchased an unbelievably comfortable couch, love seat, and a farmhouse table for our dining area.  Actually purchasing things we can soon move into those rooms made it feel very real and made us very excited!  Little by little, this is all coming to life.

On the drive home, we went back and forth sharing all the things we were most excited for about this house.  Amenities we've never had before, like a warm, attached garage, a mudroom for our shoes and coats, and more than one bathroom!  After months of making decisions, feeling displaced, and trying to maintain some sense of normalcy under a heavy amount of stress, we can finally see the end in sight.  Soon, we can focus on settling in and planting our roots in this new place we will call home.

So, a little house bucket list of things I can't wait to do in our new pad...

// Curl up on our new couch and watch season after season of Parenthood.  

// Blare Alabama Shakes through our whole house audio and clean with lemon oil and vinegar.

// Craft with Cruz at the kitchen table after Mila goes to bed.

// Make stiff drinks and sit on the deck with Beau.

// Host dinners for the friends who have opened up their tables to us the past three months.  Fill the house with my favorite scents of garlic and tomatoes and open bottles of red wine around the island.

// Fill the house with fresh green plants of vases of spring blooms.

// Soak for an hour in a tub filled to the brim with bubbles, dog-earring pages of a new book.

// Fill the pantry with clean, healthy foods for our family.  It's not every day you get the opportunity to fill completely empty cupboards with food!

// Play board games in front of the fire.  

// Have fresh baked banana bread ready for Cruz when he gets done with school.  I would be his forever and ever. :)

Happy February, everyone!                      


  1. You will have to let me know where you found your table... since we're going to be on the market for one, too eventually. :) It's fun reading our house posts as we are starting to envision life in our next home, as well.

  2. Your bucket list sounds lovely! All the things that make a house a home.



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