Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ten Things I Love About You

So Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean I can't stop and recount some of the ways I love my two little heart breakers on this blog.  It was a somewhat neglected holiday this year with Beau gone all day Saturday working at our house and yet another slew of colds that plagued all four of us with coughs, runny noses, and stuffed up sinuses.  There were no heart-shaped cookies rolled and frosted, no planned photo shoots, and no themed tutu outfits for Mila or love machine shirts for Cruz, but there were plenty of hugs and kisses, cuddles, and a few presents.  Both Cruz and Mila are at adorable ages right now, Cruz acting more mature and grown up it seems every day and Mila getting feistier and sweeter all at the same time.  It's a wild world we live in, indeed, but these two little faces make it all worth it.  They melt me, both in their own individual ways every single day and I am so very lucky to be their mama.  

Four Valentine's Days with Cruz, themed photo shoots and all...     

And Mila.  No themed photo shoot, but the themed hats made up for it. :)  Notice all from last year, for there's no way she'd keep a hat on this year! 

Five things I love about Cruz this love month...

1.  The way he loves to read.  I hope he never loses this interest in books, the way his brown eyes light up every time we open a new adventure before bed.  He loves all books, especially chapter ones as of late, and his sense of humor amazes me.  when the day has been long and I'm feeling weary by the end of it, note to self - read Cruz The Book With No Pictures.  His belly laugh makes my world go round.  

2.  The big brother he is.  The way he reaches over to pat Mila's arm when she's upset in the car, or the way he shares his Rescue Bots with her and tries to teach her to play.  She adores him and I don't blame her.  He's patient, he's forgiving, he loves to include her, and he sees her as his friend.  I love this about him.

3.  His big vocabulary and the things he says.  He'll talk to anyone and is at that point where he is always listening and will repeat most anything, whether we want him to or not!  He told Mila the other night that he needed to "apologize to her" and told my mom all that the Joker is a "bad criminal".  My favorite as of late, though, is maybe too much to share, but memorable to say the least.  He plugged the potty the other day and as we stood above and watched it happen, he shook his head and said, "that is so embarrassing." 

4. His sense of humor, especially with my dad.  They've definitely grew closer over the past few months and sometimes act like bickering brothers, especially when the TV is involved.  The other day Dad was giving him grief and Cruz calmly replied, "Santa isn't going to bring you any plumbing tools for Christmas, Papa." 

5.  He's a thinker and I love to watch his wheels turn and witness his little discoveries along the way.  We had a long conversation about being married the other night after Cruz asked me about our wedding picture on my parents' wall.  I told him that Daddy and I got married because we loved each other and wanted to be together forever.  He looked at it for awhile and said, "And me and Charly got married, too, because we love each other and want to be together forever."  I'm sure he's recalling being in my cousin's wedding with Charly this summer.  Then last week, he filled out a questionnaire at school and when asked who he loved the most, he of course replied, Charly.  He won't marry her, but I'm confident she'll be a special part of his life for years to come.    

Five things I love about Mila this love month... 

1.  Her growing vocabulary.  She's quite vocal and a little brash at times, but I love the way she points at pictures in her book and loudly asks, "What's that?" or says, "Goooo!" holding out her 'o' sound.

2.  I love this little mama she is to her babies.  She started saying "bae bae" this month and definitely has a sweet nurturing side amidst her melodrama!  It's so adorable watching her feed her baby a bottle or put her up on her shoulder and pat her back.  She's also equated the phrase I love you with kisses and will respond accordingly to her babies with lots of hugs and kisses.  It's the sugar and spice I love about our Mila - one minute she's throwing a serious fit because we're attempting to read her the wrong page of a book and the next minute she's pouring on the charm with open-mouthed kisses and mama love to her baby dolls.  She keeps life interesting for all around her, without a doubt!  

3.  Mila is 13 months old and is still not walking.  She stands on her own all the time, is a pro at walking around furniture, and LOVES walking with someone holding her hands, but she hasn't mastered it on her own quite yet.  A whole new world will open for Mila girl as soon as she figures it out, but for now, we suffer sore backs in return for her happy squeals as we make many many laps around the house with her.  

4.  Mila LOVES her baths, especially when Cruz takes one with her.  I say the word tub and she immediately gets excited, crawling a hundred miles and hour to the bathroom and hiking her leg up over the edge as if she'd climb in fully clothed if I'd let her.  She's showing signs of a little fish, completely unconcerned when Cruz "accidentally" sprays her in the face with water with a squirt toy.  And the best is that she figured out how to spray him back and surprises him at all the best times.  

5.  My girl loves to eat and it's an absolute joy to feed her.  Last night, Mom made ham and corn casserole, and I couldn't put it on Mila's tray fast enough.  She inhaled it and was repeated her little more sign language before she even got the last piece in her mouth.  I pray she keeps this adventurous side when it comes to trying new foods, and maybe teaches her brother there are some things better, although not many, than peanut butter jelly sandwiches. :)     

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