Thursday, September 1, 2016

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

And just like that, our cul de sac is quiet at 8:00 at night, the pool is drained and the doors are closed, and our town is once again filled with the energy of 12,000 or so college kids.  We've eased into our new school transition seamlessly and are enjoying these early days when everything is new and fresh and meals are prepped.  Talk to me in a month, but for now we're feeling pretty settled into the academic calendar year!

But as I dump one last pot of pictures in from our sweet summer together, I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt.  As I look at their faces, it hits home that never will they be this small again, never will we get to have a summer vacation when Cruz is 5 and Mila is 2.  Sure, they'll be more stories to write and memories to make at 6 and 3, but there's just something about these little years that feel so precious. 

* * *

A late afternoon on the parkade.  It was hot and humid, but we sat at Scratch and grew fascinated by the insurgence of Pokemon Goers aimlessly floating up and down Main Street.  It looked like we had stepped into the Twilight Zone!  We followed them to the the other side of First, and of course stopped to throw some stones in the Cedar. 

We ate breakfast on the deck, a lot, partly to take advantage of the cool air at the start of the day and partly because I could push the fallen Cheerios through the cracks below. :)

One last crib picture before it was taken down and stored in the basement.  For another baby or for grand-babies, you ask?  I tell ya, my answer depends on the day!

This girl and Sofia.  And that little plastic bag of princesses that went back and forth from the pool, to the tub, and sometimes to the bleachers of a t-ball game.

Birthday flowers and vino from Katy, pretty summer centerpieces, and my new office chair that just makes me happy.  

Free garden trolley rides and a picnic lunch at the botanical gardens.  We fed the fish, transformed the sandbox into a farmer's market, and had the entire trolley to ourselves.

But they still wanted to sit side-by-side.

Nights at the ballpark with the entire Henrichs clan.  It's pretty special that the three big kids got to be on the same team this year.  And Cruz's friend, Eli from school, who finally got a picture with Mila the very last game.  Cruz's friends all love Mila, and Mila loves to play hard-to-get with them.  Which will all be quite interesting when they're in high school.

Love this series of pictures.  First, the four oldest.  Then, let's add Harper to the picture.  But Mila is (pissed) because she wants to hold baby Harper.  So then we move her so she can hold Harper's hand.  And by now, they're tired of taking pictures!

Painting adventures on a rainy afternoon.  Mila's ice cream is "melting."

A family slumber party, with Cruz commentating an entire episode of Battle Bots.  Which Mila fell asleep to (who can blame her).  

A sweet moment before bed, when the kids both climbed up on the island to help me snip a load of green beans from the garden.  I always love when Beau picks up the camera.  

A summer afternoon at the Waterloo splash pad.  It was so hot, even Mommy got in on the fun, but the best part was when the kids took turns putting on performances for me under the amphitheater.  Cruz sang and danced to Uptown Funk and Mila put on a riveting performance of Mary Had a Little Lamb. 

Thanks for the memories, summer!

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