Thursday, May 4, 2017

Good Things / Spring

The normal busyness that the end of the semester brings, paired with an eight-day cruise adventure Beau and I were blessed to set sail on last week has led to a little hiatus on my blog.  But with the last of my student visits yesterday and just a few more papers to grade, another semester's end is in sight and so is the sunshine.  I have lots of pictures to go through, and closets, too, but am breathing in that fresh air a little deeper, ready for a summer at home.  

But before moving on to our travel adventure last week, I have several unedited pictures from April that need some screen time!  April gave us our fair share of rainy days, but I was okay with it.  I love the sunshine, but also love that rainy spring days are an invitation to slow down and rest.  And with one adventure-filled spring, these chances to do puzzles and crafts, bake banana bread and enjoy a slice with tea, or forgo a rainy night of soccer for a family movie night in the theater were just what we needed. 

467. Rainy Sunday mornings that start with a book.  A sermon about the early church that prompted an email to Pastor Ed.  Shauna Niequist's blueberry crisp, Kiwi Crates, and a little boy in 3-D glasses, about to lose a front tooth.       

468. Wedding season.  The sweetest soon-to-be sister and aunt.  An eager flower girl who wants to help.  Mila has been talking about Kate and Taylor's wedding for months.  Lately, she prays things at dinner that go like this: "Dear Wode (Lord): Thank you making Taylor and Kate's wedding.  Thank you for the flower petals we will throw.  Thank you for making Kate my aunt."  Just one week to wait, Mila!   

469. The brightest tulips spotted on my way out grocery store.  Friday night spaghetti dinners at home with friends.  Two buck chuck and lemon and basil in the water.  Cruz and Mila making a secret hideout in the bathroom linen closet with their lantern, stuffies, and iPad.  Finding withered up tulip petals in a tiny blue birdcage on Mila's night stand, reminding me of Zuzu's petals from It's A Wonderful Life.   

470. A Friday night family night.  Haircuts for the kids and beachy curls for Mila girl.  Her comfy Alice and Ames rompers.  A request to meet Daddy at the movie theater with a pit stop at the gas station for sweets to hide in my purse.  A cozy movie while the rain poured outside, with tacos to follow. 

We LOVED this one.  It reminded me of Inside Out - the story and writing is so creative that Beau and I talked about it more than the kids!  It also spurred conversations with Cruz about birth order, and the fact that Mila definitely thinks she's the boss most days. ;)   

471. Dunkin Donuts mornings and Texas pecan coffee.  A spring cleaning Saturday with projects that kept us outdoors all day.  Porch scrubbing, garage cleaning, and a little bit of planting.  Slippery dance parties with scrubbers used for microphones.  Socks on a clean back deck and our first deck picnic of the season.  

472. A windowsill herb garden.  The sweetest travel journal in the mail from Kate.  Parents who step up in a big way to take care of Cruz and Mila while we were away.  Neighbors and friends who take kids to school and make sure they get home safely.  It takes a village and we are blessed with an amazing one.    

473. The "powty" Mila prepared the day we got home.  We arrived back to Cedar Falls after they had went to bed, but Mom said Mila had been working hard on our welcome home reception for most of the day.  She had "party hats", play food displayed on a three-tiered stand, and had been taking notes in a little notebook for most of the day.  She was so proud to show us the next day.  I'm starting to think this girl may have more of her mama in her than I once thought!

474. A cold and rainy weekend to unpack, stay in our pjs, and make up for all that snuggling we missed while we were gone.  We turned too-ripe bananas into Cruz's favorite banana bread, enjoyed a movie night, and spent a good chunk of the afternoon putting together our family puzzle from Pinhole Press.  A calm Sunday before the finals' week storm. :)  

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