Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Taylor Gets Married / Pt. 2

I wanted to share a few of my favorite memories from Taylor and Kate's wedding.  As I've shared on the blog, Mila has been talking about "Kate's wedding" for months now, excited to be a flower girl and throw petals down the aisle.  For weeks, we have rarely shared a meal without Mila praying something along the lines of: "Dear Wode, thank you for making Kate my new aunt, and for giving me flower petals to throw at Kate's wedding."  She was definitely excited, yet knowing Mila is quite the wildcard when it comes to her mood and behavior, we weren't sure what we were going to get with her!


Getting all fancied up!  She was a dream while getting her hair done that morning.  Jenner, the sweet hairstylist who did Kate's hair, commented that Mila had so much hair for being a blondie!  It curled really well and Beau couldn't believe how pretty she looked!  Mila was daddy's girl all day long and he commented a few different times that he got all choked up watching Kate and her dad together.  

We could not have asked for a more perfect day for an outdoor wedding.  The property of Barnes' Place was seriously gorgeous and the weather just added to the beauty!

Mila fell asleep on Beau about ten minutes before Bradly, the photographer wanted to do wedding party pictures.  Because Mila really needed a nap, Papa Curt came to the rescue and they successfully handed off our sleeping princess!  Here was Papa holding Mila, and my mom was on the front porch holding a sleeping Harper.  

Beau showing off his infamous taco-sockos he wore for good luck. ;)

Hot or cold, all the time. :)  She's mad at me here because she did not want to wear her sash.  

I didn't get any pictures of the ceremony because we were all in it!  We all got in golf carts and were escorted to the area for the ceremony.  Brad and Kate Myers did the music and were amazing.  The young pastor from Hope did the message and it was so wonderfully fitting for them.  The way he looked at them with such conviction, talked about their love as a living model of God's love, and his funny, but ever-important call to be each others' CRO, or Chief Reminding Officer, to always remind one another that they are special, beautiful, and loved.  Brad and Kate sang Come Thou Fount during Taylor and Katie's unity candle, and Mila sat in between Mom and Dad and sang every word with them.  And when it was time to pronounce them husband and wife, we all walked out to Kate sining Edward Sharpe's Home, ready to wave our streamers and celebrate a new marriage and a successful day of keeping the kids clean and mostly happy all day long). :)        

After the ceremony, we were escorted to the front of Barnes' Place for a cocktail hour reception.  Music played, we sipped Taylor and Kate's chosen signature drinks, and I rewarded Cruz and Mila with their prizes I had held over their heads all day long!

And the speeches!  Katie's dad is a retired principal and it was quite obvious he was used to being in front of an audience.  He gave a sweet speech that included Katie finishing the end of several one-liners they had laughed about over the years, and how happy he was that she had found someone else to make her laugh like he did.  Jordan gave a best man speech that characterized many of the same feelings I had growing up as Taylor's older siblings.  And lastly, little Taylor shocked us all and gave the sweetest speech to Kate, telling a story about why he is convinced God exists.  There wasn't a dry eye in the place and for most of us who know Taylor as a quiet man of few words, we were so proud of him.

The rest of the night we danced!  The live band reception was so fun, and we danced the night away while the kids fell asleep one by one.  It was a long day, but a good good day.  Taylor is married, and we wish he and his bride a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and God's blessings.    

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