Monday, December 21, 2009

a Christmas that is Merry & Bright...

As I sit here tonight, humming along to the season finale of 'the Sing Off' (only the best show evah) and trying to decide if Beau and I will get home this week for Christmas (snow storm of the century coming), I decided to post a few snapshots I took of my house decked out for Christmas. Although the tree makes things a little tight in the living room and the multiple strings of lights create a bit of a fire hazzard, it's pretty festive and cozy in here. Beau and I like to make a fire, pile all the blankets we own in the middle of the living room floor, and watch movies. Turns out Jadey likes the set up too. This morning while I cleaned the kitchen, she burrowed her way into the middle of the blankets and slept for hours! I couldn't make myself move the blankets because of how snuggly she looked.

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