Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, Beau and I have started a workout program. P90X is the word and the word is insane!!! Beau saw it on an info-mercial and decided to go on a whim and see how it worked. I'm not sure if it's the program or the fact that we are both holding each other accountable, but so far (granted it's only been three days), we are not only doing it, but actually enjoying it! It's six days a week with a different workout each day. It's great for people like Beau who get bored with the same thing for too long, and great for people like me who like some variety. There's cardio, yoga, stretching, kickboxing, and lots of strength training. It's pretty intense, but the pain in about every part of my body shows me that it's working! Beau text me this morning saying that every part of his body hurt, including his teeth and hair. Tonight, when we finished with the arms and chest workout, he said his arms already looked bigger, then proceeded to tell me it was because they were swollen, not more muscular!

More stories to come!

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