Sunday, December 13, 2009

Six years of MISTLETOE...

These are fun. I can't believe we've had SIX Christmases together! Beau has changed a lot, and so has my hair color! This was taken at Mom and Dad's house on our very first Christmas together. Beau was working retail at Scheel's and had to close the store on Christmas Eve. I remember he got to Mom and Dad's about a half hour before church started. Mom ironed his shirt for him and he made fun of her for wanting to get to church so early.

This was also the year of the 'Scheel's Christmas.' Since Beau got a really nice discount, all of our gifts were from Scheels. I got my very first, very nice Cubs jersey, and lots of scarves (including the UNI one I'm wearing in this picture).

Christmas #2... I don't remember a whole lot about this one other than the fact that I had a pretty nice diamond on my left hand! Beau proposed about a month before Christmas, 2005. I was a pretty happy girl!

Christmas # 3 (2006):
Six months until husband and wife. At this point, I was talking about pink and green ribbon, peonies, and wedding cake in my sleep, and Beau was counting down the days 'til the honeymoon!

Christmas 2007: Beau and Ashley Jorgensen. Married. Looking for a house. Looking for a job. Ashley as a brunette. Beau got mad at me for wanting to take pictures at Grandma and Grandpa's this year (little did he know they would make for a great blog entry a couple years later).

Christmas 2008! The years go by so fast. Love you, babe!

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