Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

When our Memorial Day began with drywall goop splattered across the basement floor, I was a little worried. I could think of about a million things that seemed far more appealing than listening to my poor husband sing Pearl Jam as he smeared globs of drywall mud over tape that doesn't stick. It may have been true that the two of us spent our first anniversary tearing out a kitchen together, but this holiday weekend, I could live without a finished project.  After all, we have a third party to impress now.  A third party who does not do well with dry wall dust and loud noises. 

Thanks to great friends, Kyle and Jen, Beau had to forgo his mudding and taping venture to have lunch with them as they were passing through on their way home to Minnesota.  Kyle is Beau's closest childhood friend who is now about twenty weeks from becoming a daddy.  Kyle and Jen are expecting their first, and it was their very important 'reveal' weekend.  As we sat down at Newton's, our new favorite lunch spot in the Cedar Valley, Jen snuggled baby Cruz and announced that he would have a little boy to play with next fall.  We couldn't be happier for them.  Another 'Beau and Kyle' to follow in their fathers' footprints.  Let's just hope they don't follow all the paths their dads wandered down ;)  

(If you live in the area and haven't tried Newton's, I suggest you do.  The food is ah-mazing.  The tenderloin....HUGE).

After lunch, we got some sun at a little park near Newton's.  Jen and Kyle let Buddy, their dog-child, roam for awhile, and Jen and I talked babies.  Meanwhile, Cruz developed a liking to Buddy, who we decided will do just fine with a little baby of his own.  After watching the two of them bond, for a split second I thought it would be fun to buy a dog.  Don't get your hopes up, Beau...it was only a split second.  

Sometimes, I feel like the city limits of the Cedar Valley are caving in on us; that we've been there, done that a thousand times, eaten at every restaurant, been to every landmark, and seen all there is to see.  But yesterday, I realized our small town isn't as small as it seems sometimes.  Before heading home, the three of us decided to explore downtown Waterloo.  The bridge over the Cedar River was lined with American flags, and there was a stone sidewalk and set of stairs leading down to a newly developed river walk.  Illustrated signs that told the history of Waterloo lined the river walk, and the historic Black's Building towered above us.  Across the river was a beautiful view of the Iowa Veteran's Museum and the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center, all complete with the red, white, and blue.  I never realized the deep history weaved within a town we are often so guilty of writing off.  It's amazing what you sometimes find when exploring your own backyard.  

After we returned home, I successfully talked Beau out of finishing his drywall project, and he successfully talked me into our first bike ride of the season...with Cruz.  Last weekend, we splurged on our very own bike trailer.  I like that we can now take advantage of the great trails in our area, and also like that we can store about two days' worth of belongings in the back, but neither one of us considered the weight addition of pulling our little sandbag along.  With 30 mph winds, a hot sun, and our first real workout in awhile, we were beat!  Beau compared pulling the bike trailer to pulling a parachute.  Cruz, on the other hand, was enjoying his first bike ride.  He wasn't so much a fan of his adorable little helmet, but thoroughly liked the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.  We took a break at George Wyth, spread a quilt across the grass, and gave Cruz some puffs.  He fell asleep with the quilt propped against his sun-kissed little cheek, and all was content (that is, except my butt, which definitely wasn't used to a bike seat...)

"seriously, mom?  do I really have to wear this thing???"

We ended our Memorial Day weekend with a big bowl of watermelon, some guacamole, and an impromptu barbecue with friends.  A great end to a great Memorial Day weekend, and a perfect start to summer.  

Happy RED, WHITE, & BLUE...

From our family to yours.

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  1. Cute,cute pictures...How fun! I need some of these, Ash. I love Cruz's tshirt & plaid shorts!!



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