Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge

Today is June 1st...the beginning of one of my favorite months of the year.  School is out, the windows are open, and I'm looking ahead to sun tea, summer dresses, and clothes hung on the line.  Tomorrow, Beau and I share our fourth wedding anniversary, and Saturday, we help Beau say goodbye to his twenties and celebrate his 30th birthday!  Next week, we jet away to the East Coast for a wedding on the gorgeous Cape Cod, which also means our first experience leaving our little man with Grandma and Grandpa...for FOUR DAYS!  I get a little short of breath just thinking about it...

Most of all, I'm excited for a month at home to soak up summer with my baby boy.  Long days spent outside, the smell of coconut sunscreen, cool treats, and naps in the hammock.  Lazy mornings at home, afternoons at the pool, and nights at the park.  Bike rides, bonfire nights, and trips to the Farmer's Market.  Fresh fruit, homemade ice cream, and gooey s'mores.  Life won't stop entirely with curriculum waiting to be reviewed, a conference to attend, and two job searches to lead; however, I can breathe a little easier in June.  Life isn't spinning wildly out of control, but rotating at a speed that allows you to stop every now and then and enjoy the view.  

June is also about trying new things.  De-cluttering a room, trying out a new color on a wall, or tackling a new dish you've never tried before.  In staying true to my 101 in 1001, I'm going to attempt to document and write every day this month.  I'm usually a closet planner, in the fact that I never profess my to-do list plans for fear that someone might hold me accountable if I don't come through.  Having the however-many-people who read this blog there to hold me accountable for this somewhat daunting feat is a little scary, but motivating at the same time.  I have ideas, but don't always have the time or the fluidity to stream it into something worthwhile.  Sometimes, it's hard to convince myself that any of this is worthwhile.  I could be writing about my classroom and make a great change in education.  I could be writing curriculum to transform the minds of my students.  I could be furthering my education, getting a doctoral degree and researching pedagogy and theory and practice.  Or...I could write about life, about simple things that make me happy, and about this ever-growing boy who has changed my life and given me this strong desire to document the pieces of his life in attempts to remember it better someday.  Someday, when I'm old and bored in my house on a June afternoon, I will eat a piece of homemade cherry pie and read about our life...better together.     

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