Friday, March 2, 2012

Blue Jeans and a Good Hair Day

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin's book, The Happiness Project, I know there is pleasure to be found in writing what makes one happy - even if it's just one sentence (or photo) a day. Thus, starts a Friday ritual of mine - to document the good in every day, through words and pictures.

"5 years. 365 days. 1825 happy moments captured."

Saturday: an impromptu, much-needed visit from Mom, who came bearing gifts of books for Cruz and chocolate shakes for all. Because sometimes, Moms really do make everything better.

Sunday: Cruz was a mommy’s boy today. The minute he reaches out and nuzzles his head on my shoulder, all of the cares of the world just drift away. 

Monday: Eating the most delicious brownies at Gabe and Gina’s, topped with ice cream, fresh raspberries, and whipped cream. Clutching our bowls and being comforted by food and occasional laughter--- the only thing better would be sweatpants and a cozy bed (and The Bachelor, right Jill!?)

Tuesday: the three of us crammed in our 'cozy' bathroom during Cruz’s bath night - the smell of lavendar-scented bath bubbles, Mumford and Sons in the background, and a happy boy in the suds.    

Wednesday: A Leap Day blizzard, resulting in a welcomed night of sweats, queso dip and chips, and a Scratch cupcake for dessert.

Thursday: I stroll through Target for some retail therapy.  A few things to fill Cruz's Easter basket, some sidewalk chalk, and a cute paper pinwheel.  Spring is upon us.

Feel free to play along and link to your own 'Blue Jeans and a Good Hair Day.' Happy Friday!


  1. Ashley, Cruz is starting to look really grown up! He looks like such a big boy holding that chocolate shake. ;)

  2. Oh yes, brownies and the bachelor :)

  3. Oh...Sweet pictures & what a sweet little face!! It's the weekend and I'm missing you all! It's so cute how kids just love those PB chairs! I'm thinking of you & Beau... & Grandma J today.



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