Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Fever

Every year, Mother Nature decides to reward teachers and students with a beautiful and unexpectedly warm weather day sometime during the week of Spring Break.  A blue sky, plenty of sunshine, and above average temperatures to invite us outdoors and get us that much more excited for summertime. 
And this year, well, she was out to impress.

This Spring Break week has not only provided blue skies, plenty of sunshine, and above average temps., but a week of record breaking temps.  Shorts, t-shirts, walk-around-barefoot-turn-the-furnace-off-and-sleep-with-the-windows-open temps.  I don't remember a March this warm for this many days in a row, and it's starting to feel like June instead of March.

I'm not sure what I'm enjoying more --- the weather, or the week away from the toxicity of school right now.  I didn't even realize the extent of how much of my life was consumed by the uncertainty of my job status until I had a chance to step away from the environment for a week.  It's truly been a vacation --- a chance to let it all go for a week and focus on my family, my house, and the simplicity of everyday life.

It seems we've went non-stop this week, yet, we've filled our days with the 'non-stop' that leaves you replenished and relaxed instead of stressed and spent.  My Spring Break has included afternoons in the sun with one happy boy, that is, until a motorcycle or neighbor's yellow lab comes barreling down our street (insert frightened shriek and hang-on-for-dear-life-excuse-to-cuddle-moment).  My Spring Break has included lazy mornings in pajamas, blue plastic playground slides, vinegar solution on windows, and evening baths to soak dirty feet.  My Spring Break has included easy, content, and the calm assurance that everything will be okay.  

What else has this glorious Spring Break included???

...the park!  Last year, we'd stroll by the park and I'd dream of a rough and tumbling little bruiser running through the park.  And this year, I'm sure I'll dream of a sweet little immovable baby sitting on a blanket!  Cruz loved the park, so much that we visited three different ones in three days.  Although the slide and the swings were definitely his favorite part, he also enjoyed staring in awe at the 'big kids' showing him the ropes.

I hope I never forget his reaction during our first trip.  He was so excited, so in awe, that he'd move from one thing to the next, smiling from ear to ear, and letting out this sort of low-pitched 'ah-ha-ha' as if he'd just found his own little slice of heaven.  And I tell you what --- there's nothing better than seeing your babies that happy.   

The next day, Beau couldn't resist the two of us home without him, and decided to take the entire day off to be with us.  We made sure to make good use of every minute of it.  It began with breakfast at our favorite hometown cafe, Newton's, followed by a morning for Cruz to show Dad his moves at the park.

We slid down the slide,

...tried out the swings,

...and mostly stared at all the other kids playing.

(maybe they'll play with me if I make my fish face...)

We picnicked.  Popped a squat at George Wyth with some cheese and crackers, fresh berries, and our favorites from local food market, Sweet Basil Market, and munched, lounged, and enjoyed each others' company.  I love picnics, and after seven years of convincing my husband that summer food is best enjoyed from a quilt in the grass, I think he's finally coming around.  I guess it doesn't hurt that he now has a little miniature to keep him entertained ;)

Forrest Gump, anyone?

...and we walked.  Decided on a whim to leave the car parked at George Wyth and walk the three miles back to our neighborhood.  Cruz got in his afternoon nap, Beau and I talked like old times, and my white arms basked in the afternoon sun. 

...our night ended with pork and roasted red pepper kabobs on the Big Green Egg, compliments of Stonewall Kitchen's Roasted Apple Grille Sauce

...and who could forget our post-bath walks at dusk.  The perfect night cap before bedtime.  

And last but not least, a long (and yes, I admit), overdue haircut.  By dad, on the deck, sitting on mom's lap with a bath towel draped around his cute little neck.  He did much better this time, and although I was close to tears at first, shrieking at the sight of the long locks falling to the deck floor, I got over it when I saw how handsome he looks....

The 'before' shot...

And the 'after'...I can't believe how grown up he looks!

Lots of fun coming this weekend.  Who doesn't love some March Madness, St. Patty's Day, and 70 degree weather?!  

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