Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Holy, Seventeen!

Yesterday, our little sprout turned seventeen months, not so little anymore!  He's continuing to develop his budding personality and continues to reveal the boy in him every day.  There's nothing delicate about Cruz, and I find myself asking 'are all kids this busy?' on a routine basis!  With every toy I pick up and mess I clean up, the laughter and love this boy brings to our life is worth every back bend :)

At seventeen months, Cruz B...

-LOVES Elmo.  He refers to Sesame Street in general as 'Mee-mo,' and requests it from his crib every morning.  We've set a series recording for the show so we always have them on hand.  And now, instead of the daily news, we get a daily dose of Big Bird.
-also loves boxes, especially when they're big enough to sit in.  Laundry baskets, wicker baskets, and diaper boxes are awesome because they're not only big enough to hold Cruz, but his juice, his blankie, and an entire set of duplos.  
-can 'roar' like a lion and 'meow' like a kitty.
-has his 'b' sound down pat.  'Birds' (for 'Angry Birds'), 'Book,' 'Bath,' 'Ball,' and 'Bubbles' are my favorties.  
-got four new teeth this month, and seemed to have a cold symptoms through most of it.  Those 'i' teeth aren't fun.  
-says 'all done' and 'up'
-loves going outside.  The world is his playground.
-loves kitchen utensils and bowls. 
-likes to test us.  This can be funny at times, and quite frustrating at others.  Take the last two baths for instance...he likes to stand up in the tub and give us this mischievous little grin, just waiting for us to ask him to stop so he can do it all over again.   
-has officially moved into size 18-24 months.  He's a heavy weight. 
-loves to read books and play in his toy room.
-THROWS his food.  Only the kinds he doesn't like, which amounts to just about everything we give him lately, minus string cheese, cereal, and every fruit under the sun.  
-gives the best kisses and bear hugs, per request.  
-knows just what to do when you give him a cell phone.  He has make believe phone conversations (and a few real ones with Grandma and Daddy), and knows how to find, click, and slide the screen to find Angry Birds. 

-is still a snuggle bug, which makes this mama very happy.

We love you, CB!  Looking forward to a week of seventies to celebrate seventeen!


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