Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Day in Photos...

I reconnected with my camera this weekend.  Just Cruz and my Canon and not much else...









3:00 ("no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"






To some, it would seem I was rather unaccomplished this weekend.  I did nothing, really.  No laundry, no cleaning, no emails, no groceries.  I was home all weekend and while I just as well could have been multi-tasking with all the tasks that have now stock-piled into my work week, I abandoned all distractions, dusted off my Canon that's been suffocating in my camera bag, and paid attention.  And you know, I noticed things.  

I noticed Cruz's expressions as he played in the bath tub.  I sat in the hallway and watched as he carefully filled each bowl and cup up with water, then carelessly set each one on the ledge in a single line, creating a small waterfall with each one onto the bathroom floor.  And while we sometimes scold him for spilling water while he does this, I noticed that he was completely unaware of the spillage and absorbed in setting his table and delicious food.  After each bowl was placed on the ledge in a perfect row, he asked for a spoon and then asked to pray.  Then, in his usual quiet whisper following his post-prayer clap, his "now, we eat" was followed with sweet pretend sips of his bath water soup.

After a morning of crafts and sensory tables and books, I could tell Cruz was getting worn out, soon evidenced by a pretty good fit, something fairly typical for this 2 1/2 year old boy.  The sweet thing about his fits, though, is that they are easily curable with a single question.  If you get down to his level and say really sweetly, "Cruz, do you need a hug?" he will usually get up and reply with a pathetically tearful, "yes."  This is sometimes our cue that Cruz is ready to snuggle, so off to the recliner we went, just like old times.

He fell asleep quickly, and did one of my favorite things where he turns from his head on my shoulder to sideways with his cheek on my chest.  He was almost in our famous 'sleeper hold,' our go-to move when he was a baby.  I was quickly reminded why this sleeping position is my favorite --- it allows me to study his face.  There I sat, rocking my toddler in the quiet of our house, studying his features and reminiscing about him as a baby.  I noticed that although his legs hang off the chair now and his hair is getting darker and his eyelashes have grown longer, his face still looks like it did when he was new.  I studied his perfectly round nose and soft skin and wondered if I'd remember what it looked like, or more importantly, what it felt like right here in this moment.  

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  1. I just love all these pics of Cruz! What a fun, busy day you had!! That little very hungry caterpillar you two made is precious! Sorry I never let you play with a container of dirt in the house when you were little.:) Love you!!



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