Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Easter Weekend

Happy April, everyone!  Stopping in quick today to update this space with some pictures from our Easter weekend.  Our Easter, in photos...

One more picture of my pretty eggs from this year.        

We baked bird's nest carrot cake cupcakes last weekend.  I love to bake and do my best to involve Cruz in the kitchen, but it always means I'm cleaning up some sort of disaster somewhere in between.  This time it was a half a cup of powdered sugar on my chair cushion.  I let him dump the cup in the bowl and he missed!  

Proof of the culprit!  While I filled a sink of soap water and Beau fetched the vacuum, Cruz found his own way to get rid of the sugar!

Saturday morning Easter picnic.  After our wonderful 60 degree temps on Friday, I thought it sounded fun to pack a breakfast picnic, drink mimosas, and get some fresh air at a park.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature teased us with Friday's warmth and our picnic ended quickly when even I realized it was too cold to celebrate spring.  We ate our muffins in the car and put the picnic on hold until spring finally decides to stick around. 

One of my favorite Easter weekend traditions -- visiting those baby chicks at the feed store in Hampton.  Let me tell you, I was this close to bringing a couple of those babies home, but decided I better do my research first.  Instead, Cruz scored a John Deere tractor and some chicken nuggets at Hardee's before heading to Grandma Mary's for his first egg hunt.

Egg hunt numero uno was a bit of a bust.  After all, there's just too much exploring to do at Grandma's house.  He eventually found his eggs, but it took a lot of redirects!

That bunny that's been chewing on the grass in our front yard finally decided to visit us and left Cruz some loot during his stay.  The construction magnetic design kit and dry erase crayon board are big hits around here. 

And of course, Cruz's very first baseball tee, just in time for opening day.  He's batting lefty so far, and Beau thinks he might make us rich someday.  After all, look at that swing... :)

Piano at Great Grandma and Grandpa's house.    

At first, every time Cruz opened an egg we ended up with fireworks of jelly beans scattered across the floor.  After doing this several times and singing 'kween up, kween up,' after every try, he finally got the hang of emptying the eggs over his basket.  We were giving him one jelly bean as a reward for every time he uses the potty; however, may have to find something more novel after the amount of jelly beans he consumed on Sunday. 

Happy Easter from the Jorgensen clan.   

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  1. We have the same t-ball set and dry erase board with crayons. That's a great one for car rides and football games in the Dome! ;) Happy Spring to your family... it's coming. It really is! ;)



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