Thursday, May 30, 2013

a boy and his boots

Although Cruz is quite selective with his footwear, his pirate rain boots are proving to be the one exception.  And with the buckets of rain we've been getting lately, they're also proving to be quite practical...

So much rain!  Last night, it poured...for three hours straight.    And with headlines of already-saturated ground, river levels, and flood stages, this is beginning to feel all too familiar.  Just five years ago, the historic floods of 2008 left us all redoing our basements and watching the news footage and river levels in awe as the majority of our state was literally under water.  It was one of the weirdest summers in memory and I remember thinking that we have lived through something we'd likely not see again.  After all, they call it a hundred year flood for a reason, right?  But now, as the flood warnings seem to have a permanent place at the bottom of the TV screen and as neighbors help neighbors clear out basement belongings and attempt to salvage what they can, I'm starting to question what we're in for.  Beau and I discovered water in our basement this morning, but were thankful that 2008 smartened us up and that nearly everything was water-proofed and protected.

Thinking of all of you who stayed up late sucking water out of your basement last night!  The sun will shine soon, right?

Life has changed for us since 2008 and we now have a two year old boy who thinks the rain is quite fascinating.  Although rain storms will always bring a twinge of anxiety around our household now that we are homeowners, they are also cozy and inviting, especially when you can enjoy them from a (partially) dry home.  Last night, we watched the rain pour, I taught Cruz the words to 'It's Raining, It's Pouring,' and when the rain gave us a break for an hour or so, we went out to explore, save some night crawlers, and splash in the river that had formed in our street.  Cruz trudged up and down the gutters, hummed the theme song to 'Jake,' and bravely touched a worm or two.  It felt good to get some fresh air and soak in the smell of spring before we began to get wet again. 

We've been doing our best to make the most of mother nature this week, but as June inches closer and closer, we are ready for the sun!  The pool was supposed to open last weekend and our summer pass is burning a hole in my wallet!  Hopeful the ground will dry soon and the sun will shine again.  Hopeful...

But for now, I'll let Cruz wear his pirate boots and continue to acclimate myself to a world of night crawlers, puddles, and wet socks!     


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