Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daddy's Helper

If you've followed this blog for awhile, you know I'm one that likes a good plan, a good list, and a good reason to celebrate.  Our 2013 Summer Bucket List is taped to our kitchen wall and helps us plan a diversity of experiences to soak in the summer months.  But bucket list and all, I've always found that some of life's best moments are the unplanned ones - the impromptu, small little events that stop us in our tracks and remember that special moments exist all around us, whether they made it on the bucket list or not.

Sunday afternoon, we arrived home after a full weekend away and were all tired.  We woke Cruz up after a four hour nap, Beau laid on the couch and watched one of his first Cubs' games of the season, and I fought to find motivation to unpack our suitcase and unload the dishwasher.  After awhile, Beau said he was going to go mow the lawn, prompting me to get something done myself.  I got the iPad out for Cruz and let him play while I opened the windows and hoped the summer breeze would light a fire under me.

Within minutes, the familiar sound of the lawn mower filled our house and Cruz's ears perked up.  Leaving the iPad unattended in the living room (this NEVER happens), Cruz came into the kitchen and asked his signature (and our favorite) question, "What's that makin' noise?'  After I explained what Dad was doing, Cruz abandoned that iPad and assured me he would "be wight back."  Soon, I peeked out in the backyard to see a little boy in his t-shirt and Lightning McQueen underwear, pushing his Fischer Price lawnmower full speed ahead to catch up with his daddy and help him mow our backyard.

It was all so cute.  Cruz's sincere look of concentration, Beau's proud daddy grin, the way Cruz's little feet did his best to keep up with Beau, and the looks both of them would flash me periodically to make sure I was still watching from the deck.  I sat on the steps and watched them until the backyard was finished, until Beau coerced Cruz to bring me a lily, and until my boys celebrated their accomplishment with high-fives and tickles.  Beau later told me it was his favorite moment of summer so far and I couldn't have agreed more.  

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