Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Fourth of July - Part 1

Getting back to the blogging world to share some highlights and memories of our extended Fourth of July weekend.  I love the 4th for so many reasons - the red, white, and blue colors, the cute clothes they have for babies, the all-American barbecue food, and the Americana traditions that define summertime in this great country of ours.  There is nothing more Americana to me than a small town parade, steamy streets lined with lawn chairs, blankets, and people of all ages waving flags and holding paper sacks for candy.  Since I was little, we've made the Shell Rock parade a part of our 4th of July festivities.  We've sat through parades too hot to think straight, gotten soaked by firetruck hoses, and ate tootsie rolls until our stomachs hurt.  Now, we carry on the same traditions with our kiddos, dressing them up, giving them sacks, and watching their faces absorb the same sights we did as kids.  Three generations, waving our flags, sharing our candy, and doing our best to treasure what this great country has given us.

This was one of the prettiest 4th of July's in my memory.  The sun was shining, the Iowa humidity was down, and there was a great breeze cooling our necks just when the sun would grow a little hot.  Cruz had the candy thing down this year, and knew just how to wave his flag and look cute in order to score extra loot. 

After spending the morning with my family, we headed the extra half hour down highway three to spend the rest of the day with Beau's family.  Beau's brother lives a mere feet from Beed's Lake, a nice no-wake lake with a beach, a perfect spot for paddle boards and paddle boats, and plenty of trees ideal for picnicking.  We spent the afternoon outside, paddling across the lake, flying kites, and playing kickball and catch with Cruz.  It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon and I'm so thankful for our little family-owned resort :).

After ice cream sandwiches and a no-nap afternoon for Cruz, we got ready for Gabe and Gina's annual Fourth of July barbecue.  Gina never disappoints, and the night was filled with all the 4th essentials - grilled burgers and cold beer and margaritas, every lawn game imaginable, sparklers and s'mores, and the finale, a good ole small-town fireworks show on the lake.  Cruz didn't quite make it to the fireworks, and Beau happily stayed back while his mom and I planted out chairs in the backyard and ooh'ed and ahh'ed at the show.  There's something very peaceful about watching fireworks reflect off lake water and the night was just perfect for a blanket around your legs and a toasted marshmallow between your fingers.

More pictures from our very happy fourth of july...


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  1. Cute pics!! This was the first year I let hj stay up for fireworks, he loved it!



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