Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I And Love And You

Photos of our weekend in Somerset!  It's the summer of concerts this year and we are having a blast seeing some of our favorite bands perform live.  This weekend, we got to see the talented Avett Brothers at the super amazing Somerset Amphitheater in Wisconsin.  It was a road trip, leaving Saturday morning and picking up our friends, Kyle and Jen in Minneapolis before trekking west to our border state.  The weather was unseasonably cool, and perfect for blankets, jackets, and fair stand Wisconsin cheese curds.  And although Beau and I had the best time at The Lumineers concert at the Target Center last month, there's something about an outdoor concert that exists on a whole new level. 


Beau getting a little creative with the camera here...

Love me some candids... 

I love the lyrics, the beats, and the folksy sounds of these bands of our summer, but most of all, I love that they're easy to dance to.  No steps, hips, or butts involved, just a lot of twirling, jumping, and swaying, and you fit in quite nicely with the thousands of others doing the same.  The four of us let go like dandelion seeds in the wind, and sang to "Once And Future Carpenter" all the way home.

If you are fans of Mumford and Sons and remember their 2011 debut grammy performance with Bob Dylan (it was INCREDIBLE!), you might remember the other band playing in that set.  I dare you to watch and sit still :). 

For more of the Avett Brothers, here are a few more of my faves...

I And Love And You 
Live and Die     
Laundry Room
Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane - because it's a song about a girl name Ashley ;) 

Because every girl needs a song about her... :)

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