Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Seussical Sunday

We turned the calendar to March this weekend and it struck me that it seemed I was just there turning the same calendar over to February.  It looks nothing like March outside right now and I'm starting to wonder if we will still have snow on the ground in April.  There's a lot of it out there and with this polar vortex holding strong (record wind chills and temps. again this morning), it's not going anywhere anytime soon.  Thankfully, Mila has been keeping us busy and distracted inside and the cabin fever hasn't stung too badly.  Cruz has been mentioning the park more lately, and Beau was ready to shovel the snow off his Big Green Egg and light the grill yesterday.  Me, I'm just excited for quilts spread out in the backyard, for baby toes to escape these footed sleepers, for easy picnics and walks to the park, and for fresh air and open windows.  It will be here soon (hopefully)...

This was our first weekend with no place to be or no visitors since Mila's been born.  We took Cruz to Kindergym on Saturday morning, took naps on Saturday afternoon, and went to see the Lego Movie Saturday night.  Cruz and Beau loved it and Mila and I enjoyed the two hours of uninterrupted snuggle time in the dark cozy theater.  Sunday was a day at home, a day spent making messes and celebrating Dr. Seuss.  

Our 'Dr. Seuss Day' is a fun little tradition I started last year to celebrate the birthday of one of our favorite authors.  It was my attempt to bring some color to the end of another long and cold winter and spend a day focusing on what Dr. Seuss was all about - reading, creating, and being silly.  And though it may seem unnecessary and overboard to some, it was one of our favorite family days to date - for all three of us.  Dr. Seuss gave us quite a world to explore and so many fun ways to bring it to life for our kids.  I'm gaining quite the collection of craft and party supplies around here and with some help from Pinterest, three helium balloons, and four new pairs of silly socks, we continued a beloved tradition on Sunday and spent the day celebrating Seuss.

Instead of pancakes and a muffin tin lunch, we had a Seuss snack.  I made these fun Cat in the Hat cupcakes, banana and strawberry kabobs that look like the Cat's hat, and some "one fish, two fish goldfish."  We washed our snack down with some "pink ink" (pink lemonade).  We sang the happy birthday song, Cruz blew out a candle, and I surprised each member of our family with a new pair of very silly socks to go along with a new book to add to our collection - Suess's, Fox in Socks.

Taco socks for the win!  Or as Beau liked to call them...sock-os!

After we snacked and put Mila down for a nap, the three of us did some painting.  Cruz and I love to craft together, but we always have more fun when Dad joins in, too.  We made some Cat in the Hat masks out of paper plates and attempted to make a family of Thing 1 and Thing 2 with our handprints, but quickly realized Mila isn't quite ready for finger paints!  We put some blue paint on her hand and she closed that little fist as tight as she could.  Our "Thing" family may be a family of three; however, the leftover blue paint in the creases of Mila's tiny fingernails is evidence that we tried to include her!

We abandoned naps and watched The Lorax instead, and piled in our bed to read some of our favorite Seuss books.  Okay, so not a lot of reading took place, although we did create our own version of "Hop on Pop" to which Cruz thought was pretty awesome.  Mila, she's still not quite sure what to think of her new family.

More pictures from our Sunday...


  1. Oh my gosh! I love these pictures. I ALWAYS love your pictures! Lol. I think it is so adorable that you celebrated dr Seuss' birthday. I need to mark it on the calendar and doth is next year. We do love his books!

    1. I hope to make it a tradition! We don't have any birthdays this time of year and it's nice to bring a little color to the drab winter. So many ideas floating out there, too!

  2. I love this!! Dr. Seuss is one of my favorites, too. Looks like such a fun weekend.



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