Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Spring Break Week (In Photos)

Although this would have been about as good a year as any to escape to somewhere warm during this spring break week, we stayed home for most of it and had our own adventures where we could.  We had dinner dates with friends, spent a morning tucked away in the back corner of the book store, and broke in our new double stroller on our first official walk outside on the first day of spring.  Most of all, I'd say we lived deeply in our current which included conversations about superheros over breakfast, mornings baths and songs, new recipes made in our kitchen, and lots and lots of baby smiles.  It felt good to live without a list this week.  And although some years I may have felt disappointed with the lack of spring cleaning, warm weather, or miles put on the car, I'm feeling at peace with my present.  I know how fast these days go and am realizing more and more the importance of what we choose to put into these simple days at home.  Realizing that someday, the windows will be clean but I will miss the fingerprints.

Prints of our spring break week...

What a face she has.  Mila had a happy week, full of smiles, long naps in her swing, and more 7-hour stretches at night.  We discovered that although she seems happiest at home, she would much rather shop at Target than Wal-Mart.  She's smart already.          

The snow melt revealed the remains of last year's garden and made for three excited green thumbs.  And since it's still too cold to work outside, we planted some indoor pots that make it feel a little more like spring around here.  

Baby tights from Aunt Gina and over-sized sweaters make for perfect pre-spring attire.

The sight of our garden also revived my cravings for fresh produce and new recipes crafted in our kitchen.  Our wok spent a lot of time on the cook top this week.  

I've discovered a newfound interest in clean eating lately and am ready for a pantry overhaul.  This black bean quinoa soup was amazing, especially paired with avocado toast and lots of fresh cilantro.

These banana cookies are near sugar and flour free.  They're healthy and easy to eat when I'm nursing with one arm and reading superhero books with the other!

Our first walk.  We made it a block before turning around due to some sidewalk flooding and a baby not quite ready for the bright sun yet.  But the five minutes of fresh air did wonders for all of us.

And put this I-don't-need-a-nap-today boy to sleep.

A fun morning out, just me and my littles.  We were all freshly bathed, fed, and out the door by 9:30 am and I felt like a million bucks.  We made a trip to the pet store, read lots of superhero books at Barnes and Noble, and shared rice krispie treats and apple juice in the cafe before heading home for lunch.  Mila slept in her stroller the entire morning and gave Cruz and I lots of time to read and talk and just be together.

Mila rediscovered a love of napping this week.  I'm chalking her lack of naps and fussiness the last couple of weeks up to a growth spurt.  She loves her swing, but we made sure to find time for lots of this, too. 

I love when Cruz will help me read books to Mila.  She gets to take part in a whole new kind of story-telling being the little sister.  There's actions and voices and dancing and all kinds of fun, which leads to one happy little girl.  Just wait, little sprite, you have no idea how much fun it is to be part of Cruz's world.  

A rainbow for breakfast and shepherds pie for St. Patrick's Day...

Early morning sun seeping through our kitchen windows...

Midday crafts and play...

Finding color inside as we patiently wait for it outside...

Daydreams of coconut scented sunscreen and chubby baby legs in kiddie pools...

Afternoon snuggles and days spent in our pajamas...

And lazy Sundays.  The best kind.

Happy first week of spring, even though I woke up to snow on the ground! 

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