Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fourth of July Memories, Cont.

More from our Fourth, including no shortage of family pictures...

...or strawberries!  I brought these babies back from the dead and remembered how deceivingly easy they are.  They are perfectly festive and always a hit with all ages.   

We spent the afternoon at Kerry and Maggie's.  Maggie knows how to throw a Fourth of July party and from one fellow holiday crazy to another, I was noticing and appreciating every detail of her event.  She had lots of water entertainment for the kids, from water balloons to squirt guns to water tables, as well as a big piece of white poster paper taped to the wall of the garage for them to create a masterpiece together.  Her main event, though, was a series of family friendly games she would later force us to play, boys versus girls versus kids.  From egg races to lawn Twister to America trivia, we all had so much fun, together.  So oftentimes at get-togethers, it seems the men hang out around the grill, the kids run rampant through the house, and the women do their best to wrangle the kids while also enjoy some adult time.  Maggie's cheesy games not only gave us something to do, but kept us together, with our kids, for a friendly competition that did get a little bit heated, especially during the trivia game... :)

We ended the night with our own fireworks show, in Brian and Angie's cul de sac.  The kids were winding down by this time, and we piled them in the tailgate of Nate's truck with juice boxes, blankets, and glow sticks, and gave the guys some time to play with fire and see who would come closest to starting a body part on fire.  Cruz got cozy with Claire, Mila danced to Katy Perry's Firework, and we could soon see fireworks shows in every direction as other neighborhood parties and city fireworks shows all came to a head.    

After the last Roman candle was lit and the sky became quiet for another year, we took our sleepy kids up the street and tucked them in their beds.  It was a good one, and I'm already excited for next year.

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