Sunday, July 5, 2015

strawberry eating...ahem, picking

After a successful flight home Thursday morning, and a much needed slow night that followed, we were ready for our exciting weekend ahead.  But not before strawberries, that is.  Beau had the day off Friday and when we woke up to sunny skies and gorgeous temperatures, we decided to head out to Heartland Farms early to pick some berries for the weekend.  We've been picking strawberries every summer since Cruz was just a baby and it's one of my favorite little experiences of June.  I love seeing how he has grown and changed from year to year, and love reliving it a second time around with Mila.  There's that first summer, where they can't really move, but they most definitely can shove a juicy berry in their mouth.  Then there's this year, where you try your very best to keep them from stepping on perfectly plump berries and hand the cashier an extra $5 for the all the berries that were devoured by our 18 month old.  After all, it's nearly impossible to hide with the red stained cheeks and dress you're now convinced you'll never get clean again.  Cruz is at the age where he was very helpful, proudly filling his own little container and sneaking a few bites in between.  Strawberries are one of his favorite foods, while Mila on the other hand, usually picks around them at home.  After the sight of her this morning, no one would have believed that in a million years. :)  We were in hysterics watching her shove entire berries in her mouth, stem and all, as if she was a squirrel packing her cheeks for winter.  Mila and her food, it never gets old! 

As you can see, little lady did not stay in our assigned row...

The strawberries were as good as they've ever been, and we picked more than enough in less than a two foot spread of field.  After rounding up our chicks, we made our way past the farm animals and laughed our heads off on the bouncing pillow.  Oh, and I can't forget the turkey that squawked at Mila and made her shiver and scream!  That was enough of the farm for her!

Until next year, Heartland Farms...



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  1. Happy Monday!! Such a fun Summer post!:) Cutest pictures!!



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