Thursday, October 22, 2015

An Early October Day...

A few pictures from our first chilly Saturday in October.  We keep telling Cruz "soon we'll have all the time in the world to hibernate inside," forcing them to get out and enjoy the fresh air before it's too cold to.  This particular Saturday included a bundled up trip to the farmers' market for breakfast burritos, rasta lemonades, pumpkin rolls, Indian corn, and focaccia for Sunday soup.  We sprawled out in the sunshine, shared our treats with each other, and planned our day.  The market was followed with a trip north to the pumpkin patch, where we petted horses and fawned over the tiniest piglet, road on a hayride all to ourselves, and Mila discovered a deep love for apple cider.  Sticky and a bit wind blown, we headed home for afternoon naps (for all four of us), before Beau and I met our friends, Aram and Katy for a cozy booth at Tony's for a little date night.  

Oh, October, won't you stick around a while longer?

Love these cozy Friday nights at home before our weekend starts.  We put the kids to bed, light all the pretty lights, and settle in, with books and big blankets, an episode or two of DVR catch-up, or this night, a visit from friends, a thrown together cheese tray, and a couple bottles of wine with some Otis Redding playing on our audio.  

Seriously, Mila loved the apple cider!


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