Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cruz's Baseball Party, cont...

A few portraits of my five year old sweetie... 

As always, Cruz was pretty nonchalant about the whole birthday thing, even when the house was all decorated for his party.  The only thing that he seemed really excited about was the "pin the donkey on the tail" game he brought up out of the blue one day, and yes, phrased it backwards every time!  I have no idea where it came from, but was lucky to find a cheapy version at the party store the day before his party!

This little lady on the other hand gets her excitement for life from her mama I think!  She proudly professed that it was "Mena's birt-day" all week long, getting quite annoyed every time the attention seemed to focus on her brother.  That all seemed to change the day of his party, though, as she finally started declaring it was indeed, "Hez's birt-day."  She wore one of Cruz's old Cubs shirts and reminded me an awful lot like another little blondie who used to wear it. 

Grandma Kelly arrived a little early to help distract the kids while I put the finishing touches on the party.  Dad went to Taylor's to watch the Iowa game.  While Mom was reading her birthday card to Cruz, she got to a part that said, "Papa and Grandma love you very much," and Cruz replied, "But Papa didn't come to my party."  I think the poor kid thought Grandma was the only one attending. :)

Daddy holding Cruz in their signature "power bomb", per Cruz's request.

Mila did like to steal Cruz's chair when he wasn't looking.  Waiting for the big game to start, OR watching Dora a few minutes before people started to show up to stop her from sticking her finger in the cupcakes.  One or the other!

Cruz and his cousins (and sis) before diving into his presents.  It looks like one of them got to them before he did. :)

"This is JUST what I wanted!"

And finally, the finale from Gabe and Gina.  They hauled this thing in and Cruz yelled, "This is THE BEST PRESENT EVER!"  He's since been a little frightened by the Darth Vader that is a foot taller than him, especially since his dad thinks it's funny to sporadically place him in random surprise places around the house.  Like the shower one groggy early morning... :)

I loved Cruz's facial expressions while we all sang Happy Birthday to him.  He didn't mind the attention one bit.

"What'd you wish for, Cruz?"
"I wished to see a Ninja Turtle in real life!"

Mila had waited all day long for a cupcake.  She ended up having two of them, and enjoyed every single bite.  At one point, several of us were sitting around the table and her mouth was covered in frosting.  Someone made a joke about wanting a kiss, to which Mila responded by puckering up and leaning in to every single person until they gave her a kiss!  She was persistent and successful at scoring a kiss from everyone and it was such a sweet moment!

And how does every good birthday party end?  By planting trees, of course!  Not exactly the way I intended planting our first trees, but Beau was anxious to get them in the ground before the first frost and he had some hands to help dig!  We ended our night under another pretty fall sky, planting some roots that will hopefully produce pretty fall foilage next year.  Grow mighty, trees!

And grow mighty, Cruz!  What a good party it was!

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