Friday, May 27, 2016

2016 Summer Bucket List

And just like that, it feels like summer.  As tradition would have it, we've been plotting and dreaming the last few weeks of all the big and little things we can't wait to do together over the next few months of sunshine.  We've been brainstorming summer bucket lists for six years now and it's always a fun practice to ensure we are being creative and making the most of our days.  Afternoons at the pool, dinners on the deck, and neighborhood walks before bed make up our days, but this list provides a spark of novelty and excitement when we're looking for something fun to do.  I love how every year Cruz is able to contribute more, and that although there are always new idea, certain favorites have reappeared every single year.  Our afternoon bike ride excursion with pit stops at the playground for the kids and Mulligans' patio for the adults, annual strawberry picking day, and Main Street's Movies Under the Moon are among our favorites, but with each year brings kids a little bigger and experiences a little richer.  

Looking forward to the old and new this summer.  The kids are at such fun ages this year and I can't wait for some big adventures and all the easy going days in between.   

1.  Pitch a tent in the backyard (or go on a real camping trip)
2.  Go fishing (pack a picnic lunch)
3.  Movies Under the Moon
4.  Ride bikes and take pit stops at the playground and Mulligan's patio
5.  Host an outdoor If:Table
6.  Breakfast at Cup of Joe and a morning at the library
7.  Build a fire pit on our patio
8.  Devour a lobster roll at a roadside lobster shack
9.  Ride a ferris wheel at Old Orchard Beach
10. See a lighthouse
11. Pull in some lobster nets 
12. Explore Kennebunkport
13. Go to a baseball game
14. Clean all of our closets
15. Take the kids mini-golfing
16. Paint story stones
17. Make a blueberry pie
18. Lay in the grass and tell stories about the clouds
19. Eat Menchies outside
20. Sing to the guitar by a campfire
21. Get Mila a big girl bed
22. Journal on the beach with my toes in the sand
23. Go pick berries - make strawberry milkshakes
24. Go for a walk in our pajamas - explore outside with flashlights
25. Go see Finding Dory
26. Spend a day at the zoo
27. Dunkin' Donuts and a morning at the park
28. A Barnes and Noble morning (with new chapter books to read)
29. Catch lightning bugs
30. Moscow Mules and a fire on the patio
31. Go on a nature scavenger hunt
32. Watch a sunset
33. Pack a picnic and hike to the top of the hill by Prairie Lakes
34. Make dirt cups - talk about bugs
35. Make a deck fort
36. Breakfast burritos at the Farmer's Market
37. Make homemade ice cream
38. Plant the garden
39. Eat Scratch cupcakes outside
40. Surprise Uncle Taylor with lunch
41. Fresh flowers for the house
42. Eat a picnic at the top of our swing set
43. Take Cruz school supply shopping
44. Get burgers at La Calle and take a walk through campus
45. Splash in puddles in our rain boots
46. Newbo City Market on a Saturday morning
47. Grilled pizza night with friends
48. Hang some pictures up in our house
49. Share a bottle of vino with Beau on the patio at Luna
50. Run through all the sprinklers in the yard

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