Monday, May 2, 2016

Good Things // April

240.  Their sweet bond.  Their bathtub giggles.  And when I caught them shortly after soaping up each others' backs.   

241.  The way she pushes the hair out of her eyes constantly, yet refuses to let me put her hair in a ponytail. 

242.  Unexpected Anthropologie packages from friends, and a summertime apron that matches my kitchen to a tee.

243.  The way she sings Peace Like a River in a little soprano voice...and then shrieks all the words to Too Purpley at the top of her lungs.

244.  That first crisp spring night at the playground. 

245.  A little father son jam sesh...and all the words to Uptown Funk.

246.  A trip to campus on the way home from work to dance under the magnolia trees.  Their petals fell like snow and reminded me of the movie Pleasantville. 

247.  Sweet friends and cousins and neighbors who brightened our rainy Sunday with some May Day fun.  Cruz's preschool class went to New Aldaya to deliver May baskets to several of the residents there.  He had quite the stories when he got home, including this lady who wouldn't stop kissing his cheeks!  When I asked him what he did in return, he smiled and said "I kissed her back!" 

248.  His soft heart.  He can't make it through a Disney movie without tears.  It absolutely melts me.     

249.  When she parades into daycare with her uncombed hair and Cubs hat on backwards. 

250.  Early morning eggs with Beau.  Black coffee in pretty ceramic mugs.  Tulips pointing straight to the sky and the Lumineers on repeat.  Early pick up from school and windows rolled down in the car.  Hamburger soup on the stove top, giggles in the bathtub, and family story time in Mila's room.  That sigh of relief as I sink into the couch, the sounds of crickets and bullfrogs and geese singing my kiddos to sleep.  Spring, spring, spring. 

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