Tuesday, July 5, 2016

on the phone...

Before we embark on our epic family road trip, it was time to clean off the old iphone and revisit some snaps from the first half of our summer.  Does anyone else feel that summer is on the downhill slide as soon as the 4th weekend is over?  School supplies will soon fill the back corner of Target and Christmas trees at Hobby Lobby.  Committed to making every day count and squeeze out as much juice as I can these next weeks of summah.  

Mila gets her big girl bed this week and I haven't let that sink in quite yet.  Another baby stage, come and gone.  Now if only we can get her to consistently poop in the potty...  

He loves his swimming lesson days, when it's just him and nobody else in this big place that gets so crowded during the day.  He especially loves when we stay and swim through lunch and I buy him a hot dog at the concession stand. 

Being a good girl, watching her brother from the sidelines...

When we're not spending our money at the pool snack bar, we're stopping here for a treat after our swim.  The best!

Vacation Bible School week.  The kids are still performing the songs they learned and I am still recovering from herding those twenty-some 4 year olds that week.  And missing those volunteer meals. 

When the kids sleep 'til 6 after a late swim at the pool, Mom and Dad hold a little happy hour on the deck.  The night was going well until Movies Under the Moon was cancelled and our kids napped until 6.  The Henrichs' kids came over for a "movie under the ceiling fan' in our living room and stayed up until 11.  I'm glad that doesn't happen every evening. :)   

We did make it to a movie at Overman a few weeks later, on an absolutely perfect night.  We snuggled up just the four of us with Uno, popcorn, movie theater candy, and Ice Age, and the kids did great.  Love our town and this little adventures they provide us right outside our back door.

More pool time!  The kids feel quite at home at The Falls!

Finding Dory with the cousins in the recliner seats. 

Our first fire date night in the backyard.  We shared a bottle of vino and sat under the stars until much later than we intended to.  A warm fire will do that to you. 

A night out on Montage's patio with a few of my favorite people...

...Followed by a Saturday afternoon at the pool while the big boys finished the swing set. 

Afternoon gardening and a cold brew while the kids play with the neighbors on the swing set beside me.  This makes my heart happy.  

Sleepy selfies. 

Pictures from Paige, our adorable babysitter who loves on our kids and gives Mila the best top knots I have ever seen.  I love the pictures she sends me while we're away and have this strange feeling my kids have made a snapchat appearance more than a few times...  

Tony's pizza al fresco Sturgis Falls weekend.  A funnel cake is good once a year, but give me patio dining, pizza, and wine every week and I'd be one happy camper.   

A pretty sunset after a day of scattered rain...

A bottle of rosè, a cozy knit, and a deck all to myself to share in an extended "Happy Hour" Facetime edition with Kate.  We are both hooked on Jamie Ivey's weekly podcast and decided it was only fitting we start holding our own as a way to stay connected and catch up when the busy months and miles make it hard to get together in person.  We chatted for over two hours and didn't make it through half of our list.  From budgets to birthday parties, current reads to favorite boyfriend shorts, we covered a lot of tracks and have plans for Happy Hour #2 in the works.  The miles may separate us, but our connection remains a strong one.     

Kicking off the Fourth of July weekend with a little baseball and America.  There are few combinations more festive than baseball and fireworks. 

Lots more red, white, and blue to come!

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