Thursday, November 10, 2016

October Good Things

354.  Watching those Cubbies play.  Anthony Rizzo's glass case of emotions.  Papa Rossy's homerun.  Everything about Ben Zobrist's adorable family.  That high on life feeling we felt all day Thursday.  It was a good week to be a Cubs fan and I'm already excited for next year.  

355. Puzzles and books in front of the fire before bed.  Cruz has a reading log now with daily reading minutes, and reading with him is the best homework ever.  I love to listen to him sound out words and am usually flabbergasted by the evidence of his learning.  

356. One of our favorite soups, a big loaf of bread, and blue striped tea towels.

357. Playing Frozen with Queen Elsa... 

358. Or Star Wars, depending on the day. :)  This particular night, Mila came out in her pajamas and marched silently down the sidewalk as if to intimidate the neighbor boys. 

359. Homemade apple crisp on the deck on yet another unseasonably warm autumn day.

360. Fall touches and a tidy house.

361. A crisp night and impromptu picnic with the kids.  We played alligators until sunset and then killed another half hour taking slow motion videos of the kids rolling down a hill.  Technology doesn't always equal distraction. :)

362. Front porch hangs while the kids play in the cul de sac.  We are beyond blessed with our neighbors and the best buddies our kids have made.

363. Toy swapping.  A newly discovered basket of blocks from the basement, a case of Hot Wheels, and some road tape on the floor equaled an hour of play for the kids while Beau and I watched the World Series beside them.   

364. Pancakes on a Saturday morning and all Beau's antics to get Mila to love him.  She likes to be pursued. :)

365. Friday afternoon snacks and pretty pink shirts.

366. Ballerina sweaters and top knots.

367. Old school pilgrim hats and a thankful tree.

368. A Sunday afternoon at my parents' house.  Since we have all but about eighteen leaves on our yard this year, we went to help Papa rake theirs up.  We ate grilled burgers in the backyard, rated each other on our leaf jumping tricks, and Cruz and Mila got a little taste of small town living with a ride in the back of Papa's truck.   It was a day of adventure.


  1. Please share your secrets for keeping your house so clean with two kids! :)

    1. Snap pictures after the first and only time the living room was cleaned this week. :) Trust me, it does not always look like this!

  2. I love leaf piles, little fall books, sweet ballerinas, & yes, even the Cubs winning the World Series!! Is that Chip Gaines in the last photo?? :)



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